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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Guess What's Coming To Dinner
Episode Number: 407
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 5/16/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Roslin sits in sickbay reading and looks up to see Kara watching her. Roslin comments that if Kara is a Cylon, then she came up with a great plan with the Resurrection Hub, Earth and the Final Five in the fleet, which was something that even Roslin couldn't pass up. Kara points out that Roslin really is having the visions that Baltar talks about. Kara then quotes the hybrid including the line about the dying leader knowing the truth of the opera house. Roslin wants to know how the hybrid knows her visions. Kara doesn't know how the Hybrid knows. Roslin wants the visions to stop and has to know what they mean. She asks Kara to help her find out the truth of her visions. Kara agrees to help, so Roslin asks her to find Helo.

On the basestar, Natalie, Leoben and the Eight talk. Natalie says that she felt the contempt in the room when she spoke to the Quorum. Leoben says that Natalie was right in that the humans are not ready. Natalie says that she was wrong and that it is them that are not ready because they are being deceitful. She wonders if the Final Five are watching to see what they do. Natalie wants to tell them, but the Eight says that the humans will never trust them again. Leoben says that it's too late and that everyone is committed. Natalie still wants to tell the truth. Leoben tells her to talk to Adama and tell him anything, except the truth to stall while he'll handle the Centurions.

Helo walks through the corridors.

Baltar is escorted to a Raptor. He walks in as Helo and Kara can be seen talking behind him.

Baltar finds Roslin in the Raptor. Roslin owns up to the visions and says that they are going to talk to the Hybrid. He wants to know why he's going and she says it's because he's in her visions too.

Athena enters the Agathon quarters and sits down with a look of distress. After a moment, she asks Hera what she's drawing. She looks through Hera's sketchbook to find it full of pictures of Sixes. She looks up to find that Hera is gone. She runs out calling for Hera.

On the basestar, Helo escorts Roslin and Baltar as the pilots watch. The pilots then have to part as a pair of Centurions then move onto the hangar deck.

Natalie reaches the Galactica. Tigh and a Marine escort are waiting for her.

Athena moves through the ship searching for Hera. She asks Dee if she's seen her and Dee says that she hasn't.

Natalie is escorted by Tigh.

Leoben and the Eight lead Roslin, Baltar, Kara and Helo through the basestar.

Athena continues looking for Hera. She encounters Tyrol and asks him if he's seen Hera. He doesn't answer and she moves along.

Leoben, Eight, Roslin, Baltar, Kara and Helo continue walking through the basestar.

Hera walks down a corridor. Natalie and her escort come from the other end. Natalie greets Hera.

Athena walks up and is reminded of her vision of the Six taking Hera. She pulls her gun. She orders Natalie to take her hands off of Hera. Tigh orders her to stand down.

Roslin and Baltar enter the hybrid's room. Roslin wants the Hybrid hooked up so she can get some answers.

Athena then asks Tyrol to get Hera. Tigh tells him to just do it. Tyrol walks up, takes Hera and walks back down the corridor behind Athena. Athena glimpses the visions of her running through the opera house as Six takes Hera into the bright light and the door closes. Athena wants to know if Hera is gone and is told she is. Athena tells Natalie that she's not going to take her daughter. Natalie replies that they never intended to take Hera. Athena then shoots Natalie once. Natalie hits the deck and Athena puts another bullet in her.

On the basestar, the Eight plugs the cable back together and the Hybrid cries, "Jump."

The basestar jumps away from the fleet.

Gaeta sings in sickbay.


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