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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Guess What's Coming To Dinner
Episode Number: 407
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 5/16/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
The fleet jump back in around the basestar.

Roslin, Tigh, Helo and Adama talk. Helo says that they have no chance if they go in with the Galactica . He instead wants to use half the Viper wing planted onboard the basestar to launch an attack on the hub. Roslin points out that without the Resurrection Hub, the Cylons won't be able to come back and will be mortal enemies. Tigh thinks they could be lying since the Raiders had been attacking the fleet for years. Adama wonders if the Final Five could lead them to Earth. Tigh wants to blow the Resurrection Ship and trust in Roslin's visions and the scripts. Roslin wants to "split the difference" and suggests that they should go through with the plans, but not turn over the Final Five until after they've reached Earth since the Cylons have waiting "this long" so they can wait longer. Adama then tells them all that the "real plan" doesn't leave "this room." He orders that Natalie be returned to her baseship so she can inform the other Cylons that they have a deal.

On the basestar, staging operations have begun.

Zarek reads the presidential statement about an alliance with the Cylons in a mission to destroy their ability to resurrect. He wants to know why the Quorum wasn't informed, directing his question square at Lee. Lee looks around for a moment and says that he has no idea.

Anders, Tory, Tigh and Tyrol talk. Tyrol figures if they unbox the Threes then they'll find out who the fifth Cylon is. Tigh doesn't care. He figures that it'll up the chances of their being found out. Anders says that Gaeta sings whenever he feels tingling in his phantom leg and that Cottle says that it's good for Gaeta.

Tory meets with Roslin. Roslin notices a glow about Tory and Tory thanks her. Roslin asks if Tory is ready. Roslin then tells her that she wants to find out how Baltar learned of the rumor of her shared visions. She then tells Tory that she knows that Tory has been sleeping with Baltar. Tory finally fesses up that she's come to believe in Baltar. Roslin is nonplussed and has decided that Tory doesn't trust her. She orders Tory to find out, if it takes spending all her time on her knees praying, or just on her knees. She then turns her back on Tory. Tory tries to apologize, but Roslin simply says that she has a job to do.

Natalie talks to Leoben and the Eight. Natalie suggests that they agree to the plan, but take control of the basestar during the mission. Once the mission is over, they'll have human hostages that they'll turn over only when the Final Five are given to them. She says that they might have changed, but the humans haven't and can't fully be trusted. Leoben and Eight look reluctant.

In sickbay, Gaeta lies in bed and sings as other patients look on.

Nearby, Cottle checks on Roslin who is in a bed and Lee walks up. When Cottle is done, Roslin makes a comment about Gaeta's singing talent and how it's been discovered in sickbay of all places. Lee reports to Roslin that the Quorum is considering a vote of no confidence. Roslin says that she won't jeopardize the mission to placate twelve representatives. Lee then tells her that he was with the Quroum on the emergency jump which was his first emergency jump He realized that they had given up and they were empty. Roslin counters that he should try being in the position of looking after all of them as she has to. He all but begs Roslin to talk to the Quorum and maybe even bring in the Cylon leader in order to put a face on the "joint mission."


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