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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Guess What's Coming To Dinner
Episode Number: 407
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 5/16/08 on SciFi Channel

On Colonial One, Lee plays a tape for Roslin. It is one of Baltar's pirate broadcasts in which he states that Roslin has been sharing hallucinogenic visions with two Cylons in the fleet, one of which is Athena who is on the Demetrius . Roslin turns it off. Lee wants to know if it's true. Lee says that he can't go anywhere without being asked about what is going on. Roslin talks about the situation of the fleet and what she's got to do. Lee says that's all well and good, but the people deserve the truth. Roslin finally admits to Lee that what Baltar says is true in a roundabout way about being tested by the gods.

Kara has a pow-wow with Loeben and Natalie as Anders stands by. Kara says that Leoben gave the fate of the Cylons over to her. He says that he made the right choice. She warns them that she has no idea what the fleet will do to them when they arrive. She then guesses that Natalie will do the talking. She walks away.

Athena reports to Kara that the Demetrius and the basestar are synced up and as ready as they'll be. Kara says that it's time.

Gaeta lies in a bunk as Helo watches.

On the Demetrius, Helo gets a single from Athena and goes through prep. He reports that the Demetrius is ready for jump.

Natalie talks to Athena about Hera. Athena wants to know how Natalie knows her daughter's name. Natalie says that everyone knows her name and that Athena is blessed. Athena hears Helo's report and initiates a countdown.

The basestar and Demetrius attempt to jump, but only the basestar jumps away.

Seelix reports they had a problem with the sync points and jump coordinates and it'll take time for the FTL to spin up again.

The basestar jumps into the middle of the fleet.

In Galactica CIC, Adama calls for battle stations. Tigh orders more Vipers to be scrambled.

On the basestar, Athena tries to contact the Demetrius , but there's no answer.

Dee reports the basestar's position. Adama orders Hoshi to tell the fleet to jump away using the emergency coordinates. Hoshi relays the command.

Athena attempts to contact the Galactica ., but gets no response. She checks the circuits under the comm. She finds that the jump had fried the systems, so they can't communicate.

Eight Vipers close in on the basestar as the rest of the fleet jumps away.

Tigh mutters that something isn't right.

Athena reports the Vipers are closing in and are going to shoot them down. Kara wonders where the Demetrius is.

Tigh senses something isn't right. As the Vipers close in, Hoshi reports that they have a weapons solution. Adama orders preparations for opening fire. He starts a countdown and as he reaches one, Tigh orders "Weapons Hold."

The Vipers fly past the basestar.

The Demetrius jumps in and Helo contacts the Galactica. He tells him that the basestar is disarmed and in Colonial control. He authenticates his message with a command code.

Adama glares at Tigh.


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