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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Guess What's Coming To Dinner
Episode Number: 407
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 5/16/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Tory and Baltar lie in bed. Baltar wants to know what is wrong. Tory says that nothing is wrong. Baltar says that they haven't been doing anything. Tory says that he's been lying about Roslin's visions. She says that she's seen what his rumors are doing to Roslin. She convincingly gives him the cold shoulder even as he pleas that he's telling the truth. He says that Caprica Six told him through his attorney near the end of his trial when he was certain of a guilty verdict. Tory doesn't believe he's known all that time. He says that he had grown tired of the lies the secret missions and how she trots out patriotism to keep everyone in line. He says that concealing the truth does no one any good. He sits up while Tory continues to look away.

In a quiet sickbay, Gaeta sings as it's revealed that he's lost his leg below his right knee.

Roslin speaks to the Quorum. She says that she didn't come to beg or parade her cancer in front of them for their sympathy. She says that she is there to tell them that she believes in their mission and their new allies. She asks them to support her. She then orders Natalie be brought in. Kara follows Natalie in and remains at the back of the room. Natalie moves up and stands next to Roslin. After a moment, Natalie explains that during their civil war, they lost contact with the resurrection ships. They began to have a sense of time. As a result, they learned to value their lives because their lives must end. They realized that mortality gave their lives meaning. It is the same mortality that the humans agonize over. She says that same mortality is what has made the Cylons whole. She then says that she believes it was destiny that Kara found them.

At this point, Kara is overwhelmed by the words of the Hybrid.

Natalie says that "our" destiny and opportunity begins here. She ends her speech by thanking them for the opportunity to speaking to them.

Kara walks out.

In the darkened sickbay, Gaeta sings and eventually starts to grimace in pain as Baltar can be seen watching.

Roslin sleeps.

She dreams of roaming the opera house looking for Hera.

Athena also sleeps.

Athena also dreams of searching for Hera.

Caprica Six dreams as well and she dreams of picking Hera up.

Roslin sees Baltar behind Caprica Six and Hera and she wakes up.

Athena continues to run the opera house for a few more moments. She watches Baltar and Caprica Six walk through the brightly lit door and watches it close behind them.

Athena wakes up to find Hera looking at her from the foot of the bed. Hera tells Athena, "bye-bye."


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