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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sine Qua Non
Episode Number: 408
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 5/30/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
In CIC, Tigh talks on the wireless. He hangs up and walks over to Adama. He reports that the recon Raptor just returned and found no sign of the Resurrection Hub or the baseship. Adama points out that they were determined to resurrect the Threes so he believes that if they find the Hub, they'll find the baseship. Tigh then informs Adama that Kara is having trouble rounding up enough planes for the CAP and has suggested that the fleet bunch up to make it easier to defend. Adama points out that would mean civilians would be flying in close formation, so he orders Tigh to "organize it."

On Colonial One, Zarek tells Lee that he got him appointed to his Quorum position by pulling strings and calling in favors and yet Lee is advising him to step aside rather than assume the office that is his by law. Lee counters that he wasn't elected President. Zarek counters that he was elected to office unlike Roslin. He says that she kept him around to "help legitimize her coup." Lee says that the "facts on the ground" are that Adama will never recognize Zarek as President, "right or wrong" and that they need someone that he will recognize. Lee says that the Quorum does have the power to appoint an interim President in a time of crisis. Zarek assumes that Lee already has someone in mind. Lee says that he doesn't and that they need to form a search committee.

Romo listens to a radio interview of Zarek who claims that for the past five years, they haven't had a legitimate government but rather a fiat run by a man and a woman. The reporter then points out that Zarek had requested that the Quorum grant permission to form a civil defense force, Zarek says after the last military coup, they don't want to rely on Galactica to guarantee their safety. Lee shuts off the radio as Lampkin's cat sits next to him. Lampkin pours himself and Lee a drink as he comments that he just stays out of the way and lets things shake out. Lee counters that they can't just stand by or it'll escalate and there will be bloodshed. Lampkin says that finding someone to hold the seat until the next election is a loser and advises Lee to not take it on. Lee says that they have to because no one in the Quorum will "lift a finger." Lee says that Lampkin knows character and needs a reason to "get out of this room" unless he'd rather start talking about why he's been staying there. Lampkin figures Lee won't be dissuaded so he brings up his fee. Lee asks what Roslin offered him to defend Baltar and Lampkin points to the ever so small window and says, "room with a view." Lee says that he can't improve on that, so Lampkin says he'll do it pro bono. He then adds that "sometimes it's better to settle for you've already got" before taking a drink as his cat looks up at him.

In Galactica CIC, Adama says to Tigh that he's heard that Tigh has developed a "relationship" with Caprica Six. Tigh says that he wouldn't call it that, but says that she has become more cooperative. Adama wants him to see if she'll tell him anything about the Hub. Tigh looks at Adama, who turns away. Tigh then tells him that they'll "find her and find all of them" before walking off.

Tigh enters Caprica Six's cell. Tigh wants to know about the Resurrection Hub. Laying on her cot, Caprica Six figures the others have told him. He wants her to tell him. Caprica Six sits up and says that only the hybrids can find it and only after it makes a jump so they can't anticipate where it'll be. Tigh is convinced that she's holding something back and that she's lying. She says that she's never lied to him and wants to know why he won't trust her. He answers that too many lives are at stake and points out that the Cylons took off with half of their fighter wing and the President. Caprica Six says that Roslin is the real reason why he's upset. She wants to know why Roslin is so important to him. He answers that she's important to Adama. Tigh sits on the cot. Caprica Six gets up and kneels in front of Tigh. She asks him if he loves her as she turns into Caprica Ellen. She says that she's been honest with him and wants him to be honest with her. She puts her hand on his face, but alarms sound and she's back to Caprica Six. He grabs her by the throat and stands her up. He says he doesn't know what mind games she's been playing, but that it stops now. He throws her onto her bed and walks out. Caprica Six sits there rubbing her throat.

Tigh hurries into CIC and asks what is going on. Adama says that one of the missing Raptors has jumped into dradis range. Tigh asks if it's been verified and Adama runs through the checks that it has already cleared and that Racetrack and Skulls are on intercept.

Racetrack reports that the Raptor looks to have taken heavy damage and his venting fuel.

In CIC, Tigh points out that someone had to have jumped the Raptor.

Racetrack decides to go EVA in order to take a closer look as Adama listens in from CIC.

Racetrack reports major damage to the canopy. She then opens the hatch which is jammed. Racetrack is able to look inside and finds Pike's dead body.


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