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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sine Qua Non
Episode Number: 408
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 5/30/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Lee wants to know what Lampkin is doing. Lampkin replies that it's because Lee's perfect for the job. After the administrations of Baltar and Roslin, Lee is a "shining beacon of hope," but hope is the last thing that the fleet needs. Lee wants to know why. Lampkin throws his bag over to Lee and tells him to look. Lampkin's dead cat is inside. Lampkin says they, the dregs of humanity, killed the cat. Lee wants to know how long the cat has been dead. Lampkin counters that it's irrelevant since it's not even his cat. He then says that it's been dead for weeks. He then recounts that he had retrieved the cat from the vet when the Cylon attacks had begun. He had a choice to get on a ship, or run back home to try to save his family. Lee says that everyone has made difficult choices. Lee then recounts the information in Lampkin's file in that his wife's name was Faye and had daughters named Jennifer and Katie. He says that there were over 200 passengers on the shuttle and only a few chose to stay behind. He says that no one blames Lamkpin because everyone made choices to save their own lives at the cost of others. Lampkin doesn't buy Lee's insights. Lee then says that faith in the species' right to survive is a choice, not a given. Lee says that he's made his choice and if Lampkin can't stomach it, then he should shoot. He then challenges Lampkin to help him make a difference because that's what he intends to do. Lampkin wants him to swear it.

On Colonial One, Leland Joseph Adama takes the oath of the office of President as Admiral Adama and Zarek watch.

Lampkin listens to the swearing in on the radio.

In Adama's quarters, Tigh is in disbelief. Adama says that Tigh is the only one that he can trust as he takes the pips off of his collar. Tigh points out that he can't believe that Adama would leave him in charge since his last stint in command was a complete disaster. Adama says that Tigh isn't the same man he was then and isn't even the same man that came back from New Caprica. Adama says that Tigh is ready, but remember that it's temporary. Tigh asks, "What if it's not?" Adama tells him to put them on and lead the fleet to Earth. Tigh asks if he has any other orders. Adama says only to give Athena back her daughter because she (and everyone else) needs her family. He then charges Tigh to "take care of this one." They embrace and Adama leaves his quarters.

On Colonial One, Lee signs a document and then hands it to Tory. He tells her that he wants to review the changes before she gives it to the press. As she leaves his office, Lampkin walks in. Romo notices the dog. Lee says that Jake is a hero of the resistance, but his previous owners had to let him go. Lee then indicates that Jake is for Romo. Lampkin says that he hates dogs more than cats. Lee says that he knew Jake was perfect for Lampkin. Lee grabs his briefcase and leaves.

In Adama's quarters, Adama observes that Lee has kept Zarek as Vice-President. Lee says that he wants his advice and that as long as Zarek knows he's heard, Lee believes that he can trust him. Adama isn't sure about Lee's thinking. Lee says he could says the same about Adama. Adama says he's just getting on a plane. Lee counters that he's doing more than that. He's going to be sitting alone waiting on a Raptor while the rest of the fleet jumps away. Lee thinks it sounds like suicide. Adama says that he's only risking his own life. Lee wonders if Adama would listen to his Presidential order to not do it. Adama counters that his first mission to go on a solo recon. Lee wants to know why he's doing it. Adama answers that he can't live without her and has to believe that she'll make it to the rendezvous point.

Adama in a flight suit enters the flight deck and walks to a Raptor. Lee and Starbuck wait and both salute him. In an echo of his first lines in the miniseries, he asks Starbuck what she hears. She replies, "Nothing but the rain." He finishes the quote and tells them to "keep a light on" because he'll be back. He then boards the Raptor and closes the hatch.

In her cell in the brig, Athena holds Hera as she hums a lullaby.

Adama's Raptor takes off from Galactica and flies clear of the fleet.

Adama puts on his headset and reports that he's in position.

In CIC, Tigh acknowledges Adama's transmission. Tigh then orders the entire fleet to commence jump.

From his Raptor, Adama watches the fleet jump away.

Adama then picks up the charred book and begins to read as his Raptor sits alone in space.


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