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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sine Qua Non
Episode Number: 408
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 5/30/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
On Galactica 's hangar deck, Adama himself inspects the damaged Raptor. Tigh climbs up as Adama flips through a book, which is charred. The book turns out to be the same book that he gave to Roslin to finish. Adama tells Tigh that it's the shuttle that Roslin took over to the baseship. Tigh reports that Laird was able to salvage the flight recorder and found that the original jump point was deep in "sector Delta-Nine." Tigh then adds that Zarek called again and is waiting to be briefed about the Raptor. Adama orders Tigh to recall the CAP and spin up the FTL drives. Tigh asks about the fleet and Adama simply says, "Let's go."

On Colonial One, Lampkin points out to Lee that they are looking for an understudy. More Lampkin-speak as he moves his bag which prompts his cat to meow from inside. He gets around to discussing Roslin. Lee points out that she never sought power. Lampkin describes her character as "repressed ambition" just like Lee. He points out that Lee has never picked a position until it was handed to him: Flight leader, Battlestar commander, Quorum delegate. Lee gathers up the file and hands it to Lampkin, cutting off Lampkin's train of thought. Lampkin looks out to see Galactica moving off and asks if Adama has somewhere else to go. Lee comes over and looks out the windows just in time to see Galactica jump away. He wants to know where they went and why they didn't tell "us."

A Raptor flies through a heavy debris field.

Racetrack reports that they've found the source of the transponder. It is Sandman's Viper, but Skulls points out, "no Sandman."

Tigh hangs up the phone and walks over to Adama. He reports that they are getting radiation signatures of multiple nukes, baseship fragments and debris "indicative" of resurrection technology, which all "paints a pretty clear picture." Adama says that they destroyed the hub with the help of their pilots and he wonders where they went from there. Tigh looks at him and says that he's "too close to this." He says that the President's baseship was destroyed. Adama says that it was a different baseship and that they'll search the debris field until they find a clue. Tigh wonders about the fleet that they've left behind completely unprotected. Adama orders him to leave four Raptors behind to continue searching. Tigh just looks at him with his mouth agape. Adama tells him to give his order and walks off.

Tigh picks up the phone to relay the order.

Galactica jumps back to the fleet.

On Colonial One, the Quorum is upset about the Galactica having jumped away. Zarek walks out and says that Adama won't be coming to answer their questions, although he has learned that several ships in the fleet would be requisitioned for use in the search for Roslin and the missing baseship. Also, all Tylium shipments will be diverted to support that mission. This news angers the Quorum. As the yelling ensues, Lampkin tells Lee to leave.

In Lampkin's quarters, they go through candidates. First is Captain Franks, who served as a judge in Baltar's trial. Lee points out that she has no interest in politics. As he paces, Lee kicks the cat's empty bowl. He wonders first if Lampkin ever feeds the cat and then where the cat is. Lampkin looks over at the cat running behind a chair. Lampkin gets up and rambles for a moment before he starts to erase their list of candidates. Lee stops him and says that they haven't ruled out all the names. Lampkin calls it an exercise in futility as Lee begins to write the names back on the list.

In Galactica sickbay, Cottle tells Adama that a break in her treatment might actually make her feel better because of how the medication has been affecting her, but he points out that her immune system is down so she's more susceptible to infections and that any break in treatment gives the cancer time to regroup. Adama wants to know how long and Cottle's answer is the sooner she's back, the better. Cottle then adds that he found something while running tests on Caprica Six.

In Adama's quarters, Adama drinks while Tigh reports that the Raptors are due back in a few hours. As he continues, Adama cuts him off and says that he's not interested in the search. Adama says that he knows that Tigh has been spending a lot of time with Caprica Six, but the brig guards report that he's now ordering them out and turning off the cameras. Tigh replies that he's not torturing her. Adama counters that Cottle reported that Caprica Six is pregnant. Tigh's eye goes wide. Adama wants to know what he's been thinking and asks if he denies it. Tigh is speechless and after a moment, Adama continues. He wonders who has been interrogating who and wants to know how many secrets Tigh has told her. Tigh can't believe that Adama has even questioned his loyalty. Adama responds that he needs more than loyalty and that he needs judgment. He says that he's "through jeopardizing this ship; putting it at risk because of your weakness." Tigh counters that Adama is risking everyone's lives not for their pilots, but for Roslin. Adama counters that she's the President and not just some skinjob that he's been fooling around with. He then wonders what Ellen would think. Tigh tells him to leave Ellen out of it, but Adama continues. Tigh snaps, punching Adama who knocks over a stack of books as he tumbles to the floor. He gets up and punches Tigh in the gut and they exchange punches before Tigh goes flying across the table, breaking Adama's model ship. Adama reaches for the ship and then want to know what Tigh will do "about that woman." Tigh responds by asking what Adama will do about Roslin if he ever finds her. Adama says he doesn't know.


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