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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sine Qua Non
Episode Number: 408
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 5/30/08 on SciFi Channel

Natalie is being taken to sickbay. She mumbles something.

Natalie is wheeled into sickbay where Cottle immediately begins treating her.

On Colonial One, the Quorum is in chaos. There is talk of Roslin and Baltar being kidnapped by the Cylons.

Another Quorum member says that a Marine shot one of the Cylons, which is how it started. As he talks, Lee can be seen entering the room.

The first Quorum member then asks where Zarek is.

In Galactica 's sickbay, Dee tells Adama that Vice President Zarek is waiting to talk to him as she holds the phone. She wants to know to tell him. Adama says nothing to her as he walks over where Cottle is operating on Natalie.

As they watch the operation, Tigh reports to Adama that they just shipped over the last of the Vipers so they are down "forty birds" and nearly as many pilots. He says that they'll have to reconfigure the CAP and rethink their defensive posture. Adama wants to know, "Where is she?" Tigh says that Marines are holding her. Adama orders that [Athena] be taken to his quarters and he leaves.

On Colonial One, Lee talks to a Marine as Zarek finally walks in. The Quorum and the press immediately want to know whether Roslin is dead. Zarek moves to the head of the table where Tory stands next to him. Zarek reports that they have no information on her dying or being assassinated. He's asked what they DO know. He says that the first priority is to get as much verifiable information in order to avoid a panic. He reports that he had asked Admiral Adama to come and answer questions about what happened, but that Adama wouldn't take his call. The room breaks into noise again.

In Galactica 's sickbay, Cottle continues to work on Natalie who begins to glimpse a forest canopy.

Back on Colonial One, Lee sits quietly and Tory stands watching as Zarek reports that President Roslin was apparently on board the baseship along with Baltar and many of Galactica 's pilots when it jumped away after one of their own leaders was shot onboard Galactica . He says that they don't know or if the baseship will return and if anyone onboard the baseship was subject to reprisals over the shooting of the Cylon leader.

In Galactica 's sickbay, Natalie reaches her hand up. Cottle takes it.

Back on Colonial One, Zarek states that he is assuming the presidency as he is empowered by the law. Lee says nothing as the other members voice their approval.

In Galactica's sickbay, Cottle holds Natalie's hand. She glimpses the forest canopy again. She sheds a tear and takes her last breath. As her lifesigns flatline, Cottle puts her hand down. She is then covered with a sheet as the monitors are turned off, silencing the flatline.

On Colonial One, Lee is on the wireless. He says that by not even meeting with Zarek, it's allowing Zarek to "fan the flames of suspicion" with the Quorum. In his quarters on Galactica , Adama is on the other end of the line and says that suspicions aren't his concern. Lee concedes that Zarek isn't someone they like, but he is "next in line" and that the fleet needs reassurance right now, which is something "only its military commander can offer." Adama counters that Lee can reassure them since that is his job now. He adds that Lee can tell Zarek that he can "go to hell." Adama then hangs up the wireless. After a moment, Lee looks at the phone and then hangs up his end.

Still in his quarters, Adama asks Athena, "why?" Athena stands cuffed several feet from Adama and simply replies, "Sir?" Adama wants to know if she hates her own people so much that she looks for any excuse to kill one or was she trying to sabotage the truce. Athena says she wasn't. He walks up to stand right in front of her and wants her to make him understand why she did it. Athena says that the Six was going to take Hera. Adama points out that all the other witnesses said that Hera was lost and that Natalie just kneeled down and talked to Hera. Athena counters that even though that might have been all it looked like, she knew that the Six was going to take Hera. He wants to know how she knew better. She answers that she had a vision of Six and Baltar taking Hera away from her. Adama scoffs at the idea of a vision and walks away from her. Athena then says that it was more than just a vision because once she saw Hera and Natalie together, she knew that "they" would take her child away. Adama responds that she murdered an unarmed woman. In doing so, she put the lives of everyone in the fleet at risk not to mention possibly cost the lives of the President and her own husband. She also disobeyed a direct order of a superior officer. Lastly, she broke her promise to Adama, who says that he trusted her. As Athena cries, she tells Adama that she'll accept any punishment he deems appropriate as long as he doesn't take Hera away. Adama responds that the brig is no place for little girl. He then orders the guards to take her away.

On Colonial One, a Quorum member points out that Adama had once supported Baltar, so would he do the same for Zarek. Zarek says that she'd have to ask Adama. Another Quorum member decides to ask Lee if his father would back Zarek and after looking at Zarek, Lee responds, "No."


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