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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sine Qua Non
Episode Number: 408
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 5/30/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Athena sits on the cot in her cell and cries.

Adama tells Starbuck to start the search from Phantom's last known position. Adama notices some reluctance from Starbuck. Starbuck points out that she already has two missing pilots and has barely enough "birds" to protect the fleet and he's asking her to send the last of the Raptor's out on a blind search for a ship that's possibly destroyed. She says that her "people" will feel like that they are being asked to go on a suicide mission. Adama says that he's not asking and dismisses her before he walks off.

Adama watches the hangar deck from the catwalk when he's greeted by Lampkin who puts his bag down nearby. Adama wants to know why Lampkin is there. Lampkin picks up a pad and hands it to Adama. He indicates that they are "writs of forfeiture" that will absolve the Captains of any blame in case anything happens to their ships. He then hands Adama a pen as he brings up the lighter that Adama once gave Lee before a mission. As Adama goes over the documents and signs them, Lampkin talks of hope and hopelessness before pointing out that he had thought that Adama was a realist in that he would never let a vain hope cost lives. Lampkin then adds that he supposes everyone has their limits. He then quotes, "Sine Qua Non" and discusses how it signifies the things that one can't do without. A couple can be seen embracing in parting as Adama concedes that Lampkin might have a point. Lampkin then switches gears and says that they could do worse than Zarek. Adama replies that Lampkin is correct in that there are limits to his realism and bids Lampkin good-bye. Lampkin takes the documents and leaves.

In Adama's quarters, Adama tells Lee that he can't give up on Roslin. He says that he's lost his objectivitiy and wants Lee to tell the Quorum that he's relinquishing command immediately.

In his quarters, Lampkin talks through the qualities of character to be found in the Presidential candidate as his cat watches. Lampkin settles on one name and writes it on the board. He then reaches under his couch for something as he talks about taking on cases whose verdicts are inevitable. He gets up, grabs his bag and leaves as the name that he wrote on the board is revealed to be Lee Adama.

In a corridor, Lampkin encounters Lee. He says that they've found someone that the Quorum will approve and Adama will accept. Lee wants to know who. Lampkin answers by saying, "Congratulations, Mr. President." Lee counters that his name wasn't on the list. Lampkin responds that would have been "too blatant," but is what he always wanted and why he had Lampkin cross forty-seven other names off that list. He tells Lee to savor it because he'll never get the chance to serve. Lampkin pulls out a gun and points it at Lee.


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