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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Hub
Episode Number: 409
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original Air Date: 6/6/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
The baseship returns to normal space again.

The Eight is concerned about because the hybrid is jumping so quickly. Baltar says that the hybrid knows and trusts him. As Baltar continues to prattle and kneels down next to the hybrid, Roslin notices the Eight has her hand in the liquid and realizes that she's picking up information. The Eight explains that the hybrid is panicking. Baltar asks the hybrid why it's jumping. The hybrid answers, "The Six that went among the makers is no longer." The Eight realizes that she means that Natalie has been injured or killed on Galactica, which explains why she's panicking. Eight further explains that the hybrid makes her own decisions and that they can't unplug her because she's wired herself into life support. Baltar then tries to calm the hybrid in a week effort, but it seems to work as the hybrid mentions ending the countdown and starts going through the status of systems. Baltar stands up, proud of himself. He starts to say that he connected with her on a spiritual level. He's interrupted as the hybrid yells, "Jump."

The baseship jumps.

In her vision, Roslin sees Adama, Lee, Kara and Cottle by her bedside. Elosha asks the dying Roslin, "Don't you just hate these people?" Dying Roslin mumbles something. Elosha says that she doesn't love them either even though the four that are by her bedside are the closest thing she has to a family. Elosha tells Roslin to watch them comfort each other. She says that at least Roslin hasn't taken their empathy away. Elosha points out that Roslin doesn't make room for people anymore and doesn't love anymore.

The baseship returns to normal space.

The Eight thinks that they are heading toward the Hub, so the mission is still on.

Helo and the Eight talk about approaching the Hub. The Eight says that they are jumping right after the Hub and Helo realizes that eventually they'll catch up. Helo points out that they'll pick up the heat signatures and electronics of the Vipers. Helo realizes that they have to go in cold. The Eight says that they can have Raiders tow them in. Helo says that they can then take out the FTL drive and settle in. Meanwhile, he and the Eight will have to go in and try to find D'Anna. He doubtful of that prospect, but the Eight stays positive. He starts rubbing his right shoulder. The Eight walks over and massages him. After a moment, he gives her a look. The Eight steps back and Helo stands up. He points out that Athena learned to do that only after they got together. The Eight admits that she accessed Athena's memories after her last download. She then hopes that things won't be strange because she has Athena's memories. Helo half-heartedly agrees and walks off.

Helo walks over to the Raptor and finds Roslin dozing. He sits down. Roslin thanks him for the use of the Raptor and she promises to give it back as soon as it's needed. Helo is concerned about how dangerous the mission is. Roslin says that the chance of taking out Cylon's ability to resurrect forever is too good to pass up. She then orders him to bring D'Anna to her as soon as he can. He points out that the Cylons expect to interrogate her together with Roslin. Roslin says that the identity of the Final Five is a matter of human security and she doesn't want the Cylons party to that discussion. Helo gets the message and leaves.

(Caption: Resurrection Hub)
D'Anna awakens in a resurrection tub. Cavil and Boomer are there. D'Anna points out that he had told her she wouldn't ever have to go through resurrection again. He answers that he lied. She wants to know what has changed. He explains that there is a civil war and that D'Anna's supporters (the Twos, Sixes and Eights) have joined the humans against the rest of the Cylons in her name. She notices Boomer and points out she's an Eight. He calls Boomer his "pet Eight" and that she's there because she's seen the light of reason and has made a passionate ally. D'Anna is dismissive of her and asks why she was brought back. Cavil then says that she's been brought back to "heal us" and end the civil war.


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