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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Hub
Episode Number: 409
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original Air Date: 6/6/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
At the Resurrection Hub, Boomer points out that there is another unscheduled baseship jumped in. Cavil wants D'Anna to talk to them. D'Anna wants to know why he's not asking about the Final Five. Cavil believes that they aren't meant to know them. D'Anna counters that she'll tell him and wants to know why he'd risk it. Cavil wants to know if she's going to help end the war or is she useless. Boomer reports that twenty-five heavy Raiders are moving in.

In her Viper, Seelix (Hardball) is tense. The Heavy Raiders fire up to gain momentum. The Viper goes hot and Seelix immediately wants to be cut loose. Finally the Raiders cut the Vipers loose and peel off.

D'Anna says, "the inhibition has been lifted." Boomer reports that that it is the rebel baseship and that they are going to attack. Cavil says that would be mass murder since death would be permanent for all Cylons. He says the rebel Cylons have gone insane. D'Anna simply responds that "permanent death will make this all the more meaningful." She then grabs Cavil by the neck, slams his head into the Resurrection tub and then throws his body aside.

Boomer moves away from the console and flees the chamber.

The Vipers move in on the Hub as Cylon Raiders move to engage them. They succeed in taking out the Resurrection Hub's FTL.

The Eight and Helo move in in their Raider.

Eight and Helo's Viper escore peel off as they move to land on the Resurrection Hub.

Baltar says that the Cylon god is the Centurion's god too and that god doesn't want any of his creations to be slaves. continues to talk to the Centurion, making references to being a pet.

The fight continues at the Hub. Three Raiders pursue one of the Heavy Raiders until a Viper comes in and splashes the Raiders.

The Eight and Helo move through the Hub.

Eight and Helo find D'Anna and notice Cavil's body. Just then, the Hub takes heavy damage and they hasten to pull D'Anna out of the room..

Pike's Raptor is hit and he's out of control. He wants to jump. Seelix tries to talk him out of it, but he decides to jump anyway. Just before he does, he takes fire from a Raider which punctures the canopy and wounds him. He still manages to initiate the jump.

Helo and the Eight start to leave, but he pauses when he glimpses hundreds of tubs with bodies including Eights that await download. The Eight calls him "Karl" and gets him moving again.but he realizes that Boomer will be dead for good. The Eight finally gets him to leave.

A baseship launches ordinance.

Baltar tells the Centurion about a dog that had food placed on its "snout" and had to wait until it was told to eat it. The Centurion cocks its head and Baltar agrees that it was "pathetic."

Another salvo of ordinance is launched from a baseship. Most of the fire is taken out by Raiders or countermeasures, but some get through and hit the rebel baseship.

Baltar and the Centurion hear a series of explosions before the corridor erupts. The Centurion is blown apart and Baltar is thrown against the wall.

Baltar talks about a pet dog being teased with food and then there's an explosion which takes out the Centurion. Baltar sits up and realizes that he's been wounded.

A marine and Roslin help Baltar to a bench. Roslin orders the marine to get a status report. Roslin uses a medkit to start treating Baltar. She gives him a shot of morpho and then begins dressing his wound. He says that she's beautiful. She observes that the morpho works fast. He asks her if she knows why he's so serene. She figures he's "doped" out of his mind. He it's because he knows god and he thinks she needs god. He knows god so he knows himself. He says that he once harbored a deep guilt, but now it's been transformed. Roslin presses him about what his guilt was. He admits that he gave the access codes to the Cylons and they wiped out most of humanity. He then adds that he didn't realize that is what he had done. When he did, he was saved and loved by god and he even thinks he was rewarded. He then talks of the flood that Pythia spoke of and how no one blames the flood. He sees himself as another flood. He then talks of how he realized his role and realizing that he's perfect made his guilt just wash away. As she listens, Roslin begins to shake. Baltar then asks her to pray with him. She agrees and sits on the floor next to him. She notices that blood is still pouring from his wound. Roslin then sits up and pulls the dressing off of his wound as Baltar tells her "Don't do this to me."


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