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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Hub
Episode Number: 409
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original Air Date: 6/6/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
The Eight and Helo brief the Cylons and the Viper pilots. There is clear tension between the two sides. The pilots are extremely reluctant that the Cylons won't follow the plan and leave them hung out to dry. The Viper pilots aren't so sure that their Cylon counterparts actually fly the Heavy Raiders. Helo says that the Heavy Raiders will tow the Vipers in cold and then the cables will be cut free. Redwing wants to know if they'll cut free, but Helo says that the Cylon pilots will cut them loose. The Viper clearly don't like that plan. Helo continues that they are to then go after the Hub's FTL. Pike is concerned that the Raiders won't back off and leave the Vipers hung out to dry. The Eight steps up. She points out that they have all flown with Athena, who has never betrayed them. She also points out that the Cylon pilots will be out there with the humans and will be taking out other Cylon just as Athena has been doing. She adds that once the Hub is destroyed they'll be at just as much risk of dying as the humans. She finishes with with the point that if they don't find a way to work together, both the humans and the Cylon will die "out there."

Baltar and Roslin try to talk to the hybrid. They try to get the hybrid to tell them about the Opera House and the vision. As Roslin talks her way through it, Baltar hears more details about Roslin's vision. Baltar and Roslin argue when they don't get a response. Baltar says he's actually focusing on the hybrid, but Roslin just thinks he's yelling. Roslin hears the hybrid say "close the door." She wants the hybrid to open them. Baltar has grown frustrated and is preparing to leave "for a walk." Roslin then tries, "close the door." This gets the hybrid to announce that the Three is online. Roslin realizes that D'Anna has been resurrected. The hybrid calls for a jump.

The baseship jumps.

Roslin is back in her vision in the empty Galactica . She and Elosha observe Cottle, Adama, Kara and Lee waiting by dying Roslin's bedside. Roslin walks away and wants to know why they're "doing this again" since she doesn't want to see herself on her deathbed again. Elosha states that the ancients once said that "a people" is only as strong as the "body of its leader." Roslin interprets that to mean that to mean human dies because Roslin dies. Elosha says that the ancients were wrong. She shifts it to the spirituality of the people. Roslin counters that such morality doesn't stick on her either since others have far greater sins than hers. Elosha points out that Roslin is talking about Baltar. She and Elosha argue and Elosha realizes that Roslin has referred to Baltar. They circle back to find Adama is reading to a conscious Roslin.

On his walks, Baltar encounters a Centurion to whom he points is on the "low end of the totem pole." He mentions the Cylon god, which prompts some response from the Centurion. Baltar then asks if it was told about the Cylon god.

Helo and Roslin talk. Roslin says that she's not sure if the hybrid was referring to D'Anna. Helo says that the possibility has just made the mission "a lot easier" since they wouldn't have to find a body now. She is starting to show signs of weakness from the cancer and has to sit as she reiterates her order for him to bring D'Anna to her..Helo isn't ready to leave yet. He thinks that once Roslin has the information she wants, she'll try to keep it from the Cylons and he doesn't think that Roslin will hold to her honest deal. Roslin doesn't think that they can be trusted. Roslin thinks that if the Cylons had the option to keep the way to Earth a secret from the humans, then they would do that. Helo disagrees. He thinks that the Eights aren't that way. Roslin counters that he's not married to the entire series and she can't afford for him to be sentimental right now. Their conversation comes to an end when an alarm sounds. Helo guesses that they have reached the Hub.


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