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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Hub
Episode Number: 409
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original Air Date: 6/6/08 on SciFi Channel

(Caption: Two Days Ago)
Roslin, Helo, Baltar, Leoben and the other Cylons go to the hybrid's tub.

Roslin tells the Eight to plug it in.

Baltar mutters, "God's will be done."

Roslin tells him to shut up and adds that it's time to get some answers.

On the basestar, the Eight plugs the hybrid back in and the Hybrid immediately sits up cries, "Jump."

The basestar jumps away from the fleet.

Roslin finds herself in another vision in a darkened Galactica corridor. Elosha appears and Roslin hugs her.

The baseship arrives back in normal space.

Roslin immediately asks an Eight, "Why the jump? Where are we?" The Eight answers, "I'm more concerned with why we're here." Baltar suggests, "Why don't I talk to the hybrid. Find out why." Helo asks, "She can just do that? She can just..." The hybrid yells, "Jump" and the baseship jumps again.

Roslin is back in her vision in the darkened corridor. Elosha says, "Will you walk with me?" They begin walking side by side. Roslin finally observes, "Galactica. What's going on? It's empty." Elosha responds, "It is. Feels bigger this way, doesn't it?" Roslin observes, "It's so quiet. It's strange." Elosha says, "A lot of things are strange." They walk into sickbay and Roslin sees herself laying a bed struggling to breathe in the final throes of her losing battle against the cancer.


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