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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Hub
Episode Number: 409
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Paul Edwards
Original Air Date: 6/6/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
The battle continues as a Raider is taken out by some Heavy Raiders.

Helo reports that they have D'Anna, are moving clear of the Hub and greenlights the nukes.

The nukes are fired and the Resurrection Hub is destroyed.

D'Anna points out that "with a whimper" all the Cylons now begin to die. The Eight says that it's a good thing because there's no difference and can start trusting each other as Helo obviously thinks about what Roslin wants him to do.

Roslin kneels to pray as Baltar as he continues to ask her not to let him die.

The baseship jumps.

Roslin is back in her vision. Elosha points out that Baltar hasn't done much good, but humanity's survival can't be judged on a case by case basis. .Roslin wants to know what Elosha wants. She says that she wants Roslin to love someone. As Adama watches, the dying Roslin flatlines. Adama kisses her . He says that he won't be selfish anymore and tells her to go rest.

Roslin comes out of her vision and realizes what she's done and starts to redress his wound again.

Elsewhere on the baseship, the Eight says that they have to take D'Anna to the control room. Helo says that's not the plan and Eight is surprised.

Roslin works to stitch up Baltar.

Helo says that he's to take D'Anna to the President. The Eight says that wasn't the deal. Helo says that he's just doing what he was told to do. D'Anna points out that the double dealing is so human, something the Eight didn't get.

Roslin finishes the stitching and hopes he's not dead.

Helo tells the Eight that he doesn't agree, but those are his orders. The Eight says she just made a fool of herself as she begins to cry. She mutters, "trust" and begins to backpeddle. D'Anna wants to go meet the President. Helo leads her off..

Helo and D'Anna walk in to find Baltar on one bench and Roslin curled up watching him on the other bench. D'Anna notices Baltar. She checks on Baltar. Helo reports that the Hub has been destroyed and Roslin orders him to not let anyone in. D'Anna reports that Baltar will survive. She also figures that it'll be a long time jumping back. Roslin says that she's got time. D'Anna points out that Roslin went to a lot of trouble to get her, which included deceiving her "so-called" allies. Roslin wants to know about the Final Five being in the fleet. She adds that she knows that they are supposed to know the way to Earth. D'Anna then says what Roslin doesn't know is that she is one of them. D'Anna then laughs and lets on that she was putting Roslin on. D'Anna says that she's not giving any names because information is all she's got left since she not only mortal now, but also the only Three left. D'Anna says that she'll tell her about the Final Five when they are back with the fleet. She then adds that she would have said the same thing if they were in a room with Cylons since she doesn't trust anyone. That means that Roslin's deception was a complete waste of time.

As Roslin watches, the hybrid talks and orders another jump.

Roslin tells Elosha that she lied to her. Roslin thought she was earning humanity's right to survive. Elosha says that it's not a vending machine where saving a life cues the "celestial trumpets." The hybrid makes another jump and Elosha observes that all the jumps are disorienting. Roslin says that she likes it because she's gotten used to it and each jump brings them closer to Galactica and home. She adds that there might be something there for her. Elosha says that it might be even closer.

Adama sits in his Raptor rading when he notices something jump in. He moves forward to see a baseship. He sits down and buckles in.

The Raptor is onboard the baseship. Roslin waits as he hatch opens and Adama walks out. Roslin greets him. He says "missed you." She replies, "Me too." They hug and she says, "I love you." He holds her a bit longer, looks at her and says, "About time." She smiles and cries as he kisses her on the cheek.


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