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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Revelations
Episode Number: 410
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 6/13/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
On Galactica, Athena, Kara, Tigh, Dee, Lee and Adama are in a planning session. Athena suggests an attack, but some of the others hope that the Final Four will show themselves.

On the basestar, D'Anna and an Eight escort Tory in and D'Anna announcing that one of their own has returned to them. She then moves Tory forward.

Roslin redresses Baltar's wounds. Baltar says, "I want to thank you." Roslin questions why. Baltar finishes with: "For not murdering me." Baltar tells her that he loves living. A Six leads Tory into the room. Tory gives Roslin her medication. Six announces that D'Anna saw Tory in a vision. Roslin is speechless, but Baltar realizes that means Tory is one of the Final Five. Roslin confesses that she had no idea and Tory takes the opportunity to tell her that this isn't the only that she's been wrong about. Tory starts to leave, but Roslin stops her. Roslin wants Tory to use her influence with the Cylons to convince them to back down. Tory replies, "I'm done taking orders from you."

A body floats in space.

On the wireless in CIC, D'Anna announces that she has killed the first hostage and that there will be more. Lee immediately orders preparation for a rescue mission.

Kara finishes a briefing with the pilots on the mission.

On the Galactica hangar deck, the pilots get ready. Tyrol suddenly starts hearing static and the music.

In the pilots' ready room, Starbuck and Athena brief the pilots on the rescue mission. As he listens, Anders starts picking up the static.

In Galactica CIC, Tigh hears the same music.

On the baseship, Tory hears the music and it makes her nauseous like before.

In a now empty Galactica hangar deck, Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders are near Kara's pristine Viper. He says that something has changed even as Tigh reminds Tyrol that he's already been over it entirely and found nothing. Tyrol still says that something has changed. Anders suggests that Kara might know what's going on. Tigh tells Anders to "get her down here." Tigh moves to leave and Tyrol wants to know where he's going. Tigh has to do something "or a lot of good people are going to die."

Tigh walks down a Galactica corridor.

Tigh walks into Adama's quarters where Adama sits at his desk listening to the wireless chatter concerning the mission. Tigh says that Adama has to cancel the mission because Roslin will be the next to die. Tigh then tells Adama that he's one of the Final Five and that he had been activated by the music. He says that he had been fooling Adama for months. Adama doesn't believe him. He says he's known Tigh for thirty years and that the Cylons must have done something to Tigh back on New Caprica. He wants Tigh to go see Cottle. Tigh puts his hand on Adama's shoulder and pleads with him. He tells Adama to give him to D'Anna.


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