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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Revelations
Episode Number: 410
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 6/13/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Tigh is in shackles being escorted by Marines down a Galactica corridor.

Meanwhile, in his quarters, Adama loses it. He tears up his quarters and drinks and drinks.

Lee finds Adama on the floor of his quarters. Lee tries to comfort Adama, who can't believe he was fooled. Lee tells him that Tigh had everyone fooled. Lee reminds him about Earth, but Adama thinks that there is no Earth. Adama then says that he can't kill Tigh. Lee says that he'll take care of it.

Tigh is in the launch tube. Lee walks in and punches Tigh in the face. He wants to know who the other Cylons are. Dee interrupts, saying that D'Anna is on the line. Lee gets on the line and says that if she doesn't release the hostages, he'll airlock Tigh. He then again demands that Tigh tell him who the others are.

On the hangar bay, Tyrol, Anders, and Kara look over her Viper as they try to figure out what has changes. Marines then enter and place Anders and Tyrol under arrest. Kara wants to know what is going on. The Marine says that they are Cylons. After Tyrol tells him to go ahead, Anders admits to Kara that it's true. The Marines then haul Tyrol and Anders. As they do, Anders pleads with Kara to find out what is different.

On the baseship, an Eight and two Centurions herd the pilots somewhere.

Roslin and Baltar hear the commotion. A Leoben comes in and tells them that D'Anna is preparing to kill more hostages. Roslin wants to see D'Anna. Baltar counters that he was in the Temple of Five with D'Anna and that he should go. Roslin agrees.

Lee gets on the wireless and tells D'Anna that he has three of the Cylons in an airlock and is ready to kill them all.

On the baseship, Tory suggests that Lee is bluffing, but just then Baltar turns up at the doorway. He says that Lee is like his father and won't think twice about killing them now [that they are known to be Cylons]. D'Anna orders nuked to be targeted at the fleet.

Sitting her Viper, Kara plays with the controls. Her nav computer starts to display something. Kara seems to know what it is.

Galactica goes on alert in response to the baseship's weapons lock.

Kara runs through the ship.

Adama points out that there isn't even time to jump away.

Lee orders Anders and Tyrol removed from the airlock.

The other Cylons try to talk D'Anna out of attacking, but she says that the humans will never forgive them for their attack.

Kara runs some more.

Baltar points out that force hasn't worked for the Cylons yet.

Lee asks for the airlock key. He puts it in and turns it. Tigh stands in the airlock, ready and willing to die. Lee hesitates to push the button. Tigh calls him out, "What are you waiting for, Apollo? Do it!" Kara then bursts in and says, "Stop! Those three just gave us Earth!"


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