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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Revelations
Episode Number: 410
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 6/13/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Galactica and the fleet are in the glow of a nearby star.

In CIC, they are ready to jump. Adama tells Roslin to give the order. She is overcome, but manages to say, "take us to Earth."

The fleet jumps. After a few moments, Gaeta announces that the constellations match. Adama gets on the wireless and announces that a day that he had doubted would ever come had indeed arrived and that "our journey is at an end." He and Roslin then hug as others throughout the fleet are seen to be celebrating.

Tyrol sits alone in his quarters with Nicholas on his lap.

Baltar holds hands with his followers, and they all raise their clasped hands.

In his quarters, Tigh sits alone, again, with only his half-empty bottle to comfort him.

In the memorial corridor, Kara tells a photo of Kat, "We made it, kid." Anders moves up to stand next to Kara.

Back in CIC, Adama says, "we did it" to Lee. Lee responds, "You did it."

A number of ships head toward Earth.

In what is a long steadily panning shot, we start with Adama's hand. He has a handful of dirt. He tosses it down as a mechanized clicking (like a Gieger counter) can be heard. Adama's expression is then revealed to be not one of happiness. Roslin appears next to him and glumly says, "Earth." D'Anna appears next to her with a stunned look. Helo and Athena quietly walk behind them as a gray, cold and lifeless setting starts to be revealed. Kara is nonplussed. Anders stands looks around as Tory moves closer and takes hold of his hand. Leoben looks around as we see that they are moving amongst twisted metal ruins. The shot pulls back to reveal a stark landscape with only more bits of twisted metal ruins dotting the landscape.


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