Season 2 Synopsis:
In the second season, double agent Sydney Bristow faces the greatest challenge of her life when her mother, an enemy long thought dead, turns herself in to the CIA. As family relationships change and Sydney's friends take on new roles, her life becomes even more tangled and dangerous.

Sydney Bristow - Agent in SD-6, who is now working with the CIA to destroy SD-6
Jack Bristow - Sydney's father who also works for SD-6, but actually works for the CIA
Irina Derevko - Former Soviet operative who was Jack's wife and is Sydney's mother
Arvin Sloane - Runs SD-6 and then becomes a fugitive allied with Sark.
Marcus Dixon - Sydney's partner in SD-6, who is brought into the CIA
Marshall Flinkman - SD-6's techno-geek, who is brought into the CIA
Michael Vaughn - Sydney's CIA handler
Francie Calfo - Sydney's best friend, who is replaced by a genetic double
Will Tippin - Sydney's friend who works as a CIA researcher and dates Francie
Julian Sark - Works with Sloane before and after SD-6 is destroyed
Eric Weiss - CIA agent

1. The Enemy Walks In
2. Trust Me
3. Cipher
4. Dead Drop
5. The Indicator
6. Salvation
7. The Counteragent
8. Passage, Part 1
9. Passage, Part 2
10. The Abduction
11. A Higher Echelon
12. The Getaway
13. Phase One
14. Double Agent
15. A Free Agent
16. Firebomb
17. A Dark Turn
18. Truth Takes Time
19. Endgame
20. Countdown
21. Second Double
22. The Telling

Alias Season 2 DVD Details:
- All 22 2nd season episodes
- "The Making of The Telling" - In-depth look at the making the season finale
- "Undercover: The Look of Alias" (@12:00)
- Blooper reel
- Making of the video game featurette
- DVD-ROM content includes scripts for two episodes
- Four Audio Episode Commentaries by:
  • Creator J. J. Abrams, Director Jack Bender, Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Greg Grunberg and Michael Vartan on "Phase One"
  • Writer Jesse Alexander, Executive Producer John Eisendrath, Director Ken Olin and Supervising Producer Jeff Pinkner on "A Dark Turn"
  • Director Ken Olin, Bradley Cooper, Carl Lumbly and Terry O'Quinn on "Second Double"
  • Creator J. J. Abrams, Director Ken Olin, Merrin Dungey, Ron Rifkin and Kevin Weisman on "The Telling"
  • - Seven deleted scenes with audio commentary:
  • The One Constant (from "The Indicator")
  • Growing Old Together (from "Double Agent")
  • The Kiss (from "A Free Agent")
  • A New Identity (from "A Dark Turn")
  • Sloane's Advice (from "The Telling")
  • Irina Is Gone (from "The Telling")
  • - KROQ's Kevin & Bean Radio interviews:
  • J. J. Abrams
  • Victor Garber
  • Kevin Weisman
  • Jennifer Garner
  • - TV spots:
  • Passage, Part 2
  • A Higher Echelon
  • The Getaway
  • Phase One
  • Looks Can Kill
  • Truth Takes Time
  • Countdown
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