Season 5:
In the fifth season, Sydney learns that Vaughn is under investigation and suspected of being a double agent. When Sydney discovers that she is pregnant with Vaughn's baby, she becomes determined to uncover the truth about him. Sydney's father Jack must deal with becoming a grandfather while still learning to be a dad, while Sloane makes an unholy alliance to try and find a cure for the comatose Nadia. New agents are introduced and a nefarious organization comes to light.

Sydney Bristow - Operative who is pregnant and then mother to her fiance Vaughn's daughter.
Jack Bristow - Sydney's father who looks to the safety of his pregnant daughter
Irina Derevko - Sydney's mother returns with her own motives for Sydney and her granddaughter
Arvin Sloane - Returns to APO having made a deal with Prophet Five.
Marcus Dixon - Sydney's former partner is now part of APO
Marshall Flinkman - APO's techno-geek
Michael Vaughn - Sydney's fiance who spends much of the season in hiding.
Nadia Santos - Nadia's coma motivates Sloane to make a deal with Prophet Five in hopes of saving her.
Rachel Gibson - Operative for "The Shed," an SD-6-like rogue operation. She joins APO.
Thomas Grace - New APO operative who replaces Eric Weiss. He has a tragic past.
Kelly Peyton - Operative for Prophet Five who allies herself with Sloane.
Renee Rienne - Assassin who had Vaughn's trust and thus works with Sydney.
Julian Sark - He returns to work with with Sloane, Irina and Kelly.

1. Prophet Five
2. ...1...
3. The Shed
4. Mockingbird
5. Out of the Box
6. Solo
7. Fait Accompli
8. Bob
9. The Horizon
10. S.O.S.
11. Maternal Instinct
12. There's Only One Sydney Bristow
13. 30 Seconds
14. I See Dead People
15. No Hard Feelings
16. Reprisal
17. All the Time in the World

Alias Season 5 DVD Details:
- All 17 5th season episodes
- "Celebrating 100" - Featurette on the landmark 100th episode (@9:30)
- "The Legend of Rambaldi" - Featurette on the show's McGuffin, Rambaldi (@7:30)
- "Heightening the Drama: The Music of Alias" - Featurette with Composer Michael Giacchino (@8:45)
- "The New Recruit: On Set with Rachel Nichols" - Behind-the-Scenes Intro to Rachel Nichols (@7:30)
- Blooper reel
- Four Audio Episode Commentaries by:
  • Director Ken Olin, Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner and Victor Garber on "Prophet Five"
  • Writer Monica Breem, Writer Alison Schapker, David Anders and Rachel Nichols on "Bob"
  • Director Tucker Gates, Writer Josh Appelbaum and writer Andre Nemec on "The Horizon"
  • Production Assistants Sparky Hawes, Brian Studler, Cliff Olin and Chris Hollier on "There's Only One Sidney Bristow"
  • - Easter Eggs:
  • Balthazar Getty
  • The Cargo Ship
  • Farewell from the Crew of Alias
  • Carl Lumbly
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