Season 3:
In the third season, Sydney Bristow wakes to find that two years of her life goes missing, stolen by a criminal group known as The Covenant who brainwashed her. Now, back at the CIA she attempts to bring down the organization whilst dealing with the fact that the man she loved, Vaughn, is now married to another woman, whose true motives seem to be dubious at best.

Sydney Bristow - Operative who deals with her missing two years and what she did during that time.
Jack Bristow - Sydney's father who is in detention because of the efforts he made to find Sydney
Arvin Sloane - Pardoned SD-6 leader, who is now a well-known humanitarian
Marcus Dixon - Director of the LA office of the CIA
Marshall Flinkman - CIA LA office's techno-geek, who is now married and a father
Michael Vaughn - Sydney's former lover who is now married
Lauren Reed - NSC liaison to the CIA and wife of Vaughn, who turns out to be a double agent.
Nadia Santos - Sloane's daughter and Sydney's half-sister.
Julian Sark - Operative in The Covenant, a terrorist organization
Eric Weiss - CIA agent, who grows closer to Sydney during her recovery

1. The Two
2. Succession
3. Reunion
4. A Missing Link
5. Repercussions
6. The Nemesis
7. Prelude
8. Breaking Point
9. Conscious
10. Remnants
11. Full Disclosure
12. Crossings
13. After Six
14. Blowback
15. Facade
16. Taken
17. The Frame
18. Unveiled
19. Hourglass
20. Blood Ties
21. Legacy
22. Resurrection

Alias Season 3 DVD Details:
- All 22 3rd season episodes
- "Creating Characters" - Lecture at The Museum of Television & Radio
- "Burbank to Barcelona" - Featurette on production design
- "The Alias Animated: Tribunal" - Animated short of a mission during Sydney's missing two years
- Monday Night Football teaser with Jennifer Garner
- Michael Vartan and the Stanley Cup
- Blooper reel
- DVD-ROM content includes a script for one episode
- Four Audio Episode Commentaries by:
  • Alias fans Erin Dailey and Jennifer Wong on "The Two"
  • Director Ken Olin, Jennifer Garner and Melissa George on "Conscious"
  • Writer Jesse Alexander, Scott Chambliss and Director Lawrence Trilling on "Full Disclosure"
  • Director J. J. Abrams, Director Jack Bender and Greg Grunberg on "Facade"
  • - "Alias Up Close" - Six behind the scenes featurettes with cast and crew:
  • The Guest Stars
  • The Assistant Directors
  • The Stunt Team
  • The Effects Team
  • The Creating Props
  • The Set Dressing
  • - Seven Deleted scenes:
  • Coming Back
  • A DNA Match
  • NSC Liaison
  • Give Him Some Time
  • A Liberation
  • Psychological Conditioning
  • Custody
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