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The French Revolution DVD
The French Revolution
Narrated by Edward Herrmann

May 5- Estates-General convenes.
June 17
- Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly.
June 20 - Oath of the Tennis Court
July 14 - Storming of the Bastill.e
August 26 - Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen is issued.
October 5 - Parisian women march to Versailles and forces Louis XVI to return to Paris

June 20-25- Louis XVI and family attempt to flee Paris, but are captured and returned

April 20 - France declares war on Austria
August 10 - Storming of the Tuileries
September 21 - The monarchy is abolished

January 21 - Louis XVI is executed.
April 6 - The Committee of Public Safety is formed.
July 13 - Charlotte Corday assassinates Jean-Paul Marat.
July 27 - Maximilien Robespierre assumes leadership of the Committee of Public Safety.
October 16 - Queen Marie Antoinette is executed.
November 10 - The Cult of Reason is proclaimed. The revolutionary calendar is adopted.

April 6 - Danton is executed.
May 7 - Cult of the Supreme Being is proclaimed.
June 8 - Robespierre leads the celebration of the Festival of the Supreme Being.
July 27 - The Ninth of Thermidor and the fall of Robespierre.
July 28 - Robespierre is executed. The Reign of Terror ends.

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French Revolution
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The French Revolution