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True Caribbean Pirates
True Caribbean Pirates @ The History Channel


Edward Teach, a.k.a. Black Beard, one of history's most famous pirates, became an imposing figure in American folklore and is still well-known by his nickname. Teach began as a privateer for the British during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-13). His first reported act as a pirate was late in 1716. The following year he converted a captured French merchantman into a 40-gun warship, naming her the "Queen Anne's Revenge," and soon became notorious for outrages along the Virginia and Carolina coasts and throughout the Caribbean.

Black Beard was an imposing sight. He stood well over six feet tall and was as strong as an ox. He was known to be brave and by today's standard would be considered psychotic. It is said that he once shot his own first mate just so that people would remember how mean he could be. He was also armed with several pistols, knives, and a cutlass. In battle he would often put matches under his hat or braided into his beard so that it would appear that his head was on fire. Despite the Articles of Piracy that were previously mentioned, Black Beard was a fearsome pirate captain who had absolute rule over his ship. However, he was also quite successful at his trade, so his crew accepted his behavior.

In 1718, Black Beard had established a base in North Carolina, where he bribed the governor with profit sharing from the "tolls" collected in Pamlico Sound. At the request of the many plantation owners being "taxed", Virginia governor, Alexander Spotswood, sent a British naval force under Lt. Robert Maynard, who, after a hard fight, succeeded in killing Black Beard. Of the many legends surrounding Black Beard, the most notable is his missing treasure which has never been found.

Copy courtesy of Pirates of the Caribbean , in Fact and Fiction , Gibson, W. Tobias on {last updated January 2006} and Robert Ossian's Pirate Cove ,

True Caribbean Pirates @ The History Channel
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