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Washington the Warrior

Highlights of WASHINGTON THE WARRIOR include:
This presentation taps experts, historians and authors including the following principal interviews:
John Buchanan Author, The Road to Valley Forge (2004)
Bruce Chadwick, Ph.D. Lecturer in History, Rutgers University
Author , George Washington's War (2004)
Caroline Cox, Ph.D. Professor of History, University of the Pacific
Author, A Proper Sense of Honor (2004)
Joseph J. Ellis, Ph.D. Professor of History, Mt. Holyoke College
Author, His Excellency: George Washington (2004)
Wayne Lee, Ph.D. Professor of Military History and Revolutionary Era, University of Louisville.
Author, War and Society in the American Revolution (2005)
Edward G. Lengel Associate Editor, The Papers of George Washington, University of Virginia
Author, Gen. George Washington: A Military Life (2005)
Lt. Gen. Dave Palmer Former Superintendent, West Point
Currently writing, Washington & Arnold
Maj. Thomas Rider II Professor of Military History, West Point .
Gregory Urwin, Ph.D. Professor of History, Temple University
Author, The United States Infantry: An Illustrated History

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