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Dallas Season 11 Episodes:

Episode 1 - "After the Fall: Ewing Rise"; Written by Leonard Katzman; Directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis; 9/25/87;
The Ewing clan awaits news of Pam's fate.

Episode 2 - "After the Fall: Digger Redux"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by David Paulsen; 9/25/87;
Cliff befriends a drunk who reminds him of his late father. Investment banker Nicholas Pearce offers to help Sue Ellen with her lingerie business. Obstacles interfere with J.R.'s quest to regain power in the oil industry. Clayton's excessive activity concerns Miss Ellie.

Episode 3 - "The Son Also Rises";
Written by Leonard Katzman; Directed by Leah Markus; 10/2/87;
The Ewings are in turmoil after a veiled figure enters Pam's hospital room and Christopher disappears from the ranch. J.R. finds a potentially advantageous partner in Casey Denault. Ray and Charlie reach an understanding.

Episode 4 - "Gone with the Wind"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by Michael Wayne Katzman; 10/9/87;
Bobby is hit with more bad news as he enters Pam's hospital room. J.R. urges Casey Denault into underhanded action. Nicholas Pearce accompanies Sue Ellen on a business trip. Cliff searches for Dandy and Ray arranges for Bobby to meet his son.

Episode 5 - "The Lady Vanishes"; Written & Directed by Leonard Katzman; 10/16/87;
Bobby and Cliff search for Pam. J.R. welcomes a woman from his past, plus good news from Casey. Jenna reevaluates her feelings for Ray.

Episode 6 - "Tough Love"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis; 10/23/87;
Bobby meets a mysterious woman while trying to restore order to his life. J.R. double-crosses an old friend. Casey does business with Marilee Stone. Sue Ellen meets with a familiar investor.

Episode 7 - "The Last Tango in Dallas"; Written by Jerry Jameson; Directed by David Paulsen; 10/30/87;
Bobby hears news regarding Pam as he and Christopher befriend an ice skater. J.R. gets valuable inside information about Weststar. Cliff drills for oil on land he knows is dry. Nicholas tries to lure April into his financial web. Jenna ponders a serious question from Ray.

Episode 8 - "The Mummy's Revenge"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by Mitchell Wayne Katzman; 11/6/87;
Clayton undergoes surgery. Cryder's wife becomes the subject of a secret investigation by J.R. Ray confides in Charlie concerning his proposal to Jenna. Sue Ellen rejects April as a business partner.

Episode 9 - "Hustling"; Written by Jerry Jameson; Directed by Leah Markus; 11/13/87;
J.R. conveniently "bumps into" Cryder's wife Kimberly. April plunges into an investigation of Nicholas Pearce. Casey secretly entertains potential members of a new cartel. Jenna comes to a decision about Ray's proposal.

Episode 10 - "Bedtime Stories"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by Leonard Katzman; 11/20/87;
Ray and Jenna share their news with the Ewings. Bobby severs ties with Lisa. J.R. woos Kimberly despite renewed happiness in his marriage. Cliff shuts down Dandy's drilling project.

Episode 11 - "Lovers and Other Liars"; Written by Jerry Jameson; Directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis; 11/27/87;
When Cliff shuts down the rig, Dandy holds oil workers hostage. J.R. pursues Kimberly. Sue Ellen learns of J.R.'s philandering. Ray asks for Bobby's blessing for his forthcoming marriage. Lisa gives Christopher a ride home from school.

Episode 12 - "Brothers and Sons"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by David Paulsen; 12/4/87;
Ray and Jenna get married. Christopher learns the identity of Lucas's father. Cliff and Dandy receive unbelievable news. April's investigation of Nicholas meets strong resistance. Lisa's relationship with Christopher may destroy Bobby.

Episode 13 - "Brother, Can You Spare a Child?"; Written by Patrick Duffy; Directed by Leah Markus; 12/11/87;
Bobby seeks legal counsel to fight Lisa. Sue Ellen arranges a dinner with the Cryders. Casey makes plans against J.R. Ray and Jenna surprise Charlie and her boyfriend. Miss Ellie plans philanthropic endeavors without Clayton.

Episode 14 - "Daddy's Little Darlin"; Written by Larry Hagman; Directed by Mitchell Wayne Katzman; 12/18/87;
Bobby braces for a custody battle. J.R. plans to teach Casey a lesson while hoping to strike a deal with Kimberly's father. Clayton becomes intrigued by the model in a painting. Ray gives Charlie's boyfriend a stern warning.

Episode 15 - "It's Me Again"; Written & Directed by Leonard Katzman; 1/8/88;
J.R. demands a show of faith from Kimberly. Jenna reveals hidden feelings for Bobby. Clayton meets the model in his new painting. Ray catches Charlie and Randy in a compromising situation.

Episode 16 - "Marriage on the Rocks"; Written by Larry Hagman; Directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis; 1/15/88;
Sue Ellen mixes business with pleasure in her liaison with Nicholas. J.R. corners Cliff in his plan to take over Weststar. Ray breaks the ice with Charlie. Clayton lunches with Laurel.

Episode 17 - "The Anniversary Waltz"; Written & Directed by David Paulsen; 1/22/88;
Bobby suspects who is behind Lisa's custody battle. J.R. faces competition to regain Ewing. April ignores warnings about Nicholas. Clayton forgets his wedding anniversary.

Episode 18 - "Brotherly Love"; Written by Linda Gray; Directed by Leah Markus; 2/5/88;
Bobby plots to regain the name of Ewing Oil. The relationship between Sue Ellen and Nicholas heats up. Casey begins dating Sly. J.R. sends Lisa packing and blackmails April. Miss Ellie is comforted by Clayton.

Episode 19 - "The Best Laid Plans"; Written by Patrick Duffy; Directed by Mitchell Wayne Katzman; 2/12/88;
J.R. and Kimberly concoct a surprise for Sue Ellen. Lisa's disappearance may cancel the trial. Laurel is tracked down by a man from her past. Miss Ellie gets the shock of her life. Charlie seeks help from Bobby.

Episode 20 - "Farlow's Follies"; Written by Steve Kanaly; Directed by Louella Lee Caraway; 2/19/88;
Miss Ellie retreats into a drunken rage after seeing Clayton with Laurel. Kimberly and J.R.'s scheme backfires. April reveals a potentially dangerous confession to Bobby.

Episode 21 - "Malice in Dallas"; Written by Larry Hagman; Directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis; 2/26/88;
Christopher's long-awaited custody trial pits Lisa against Bobby. J.R. takes the heat for his involvement with Lisa. April's snooping reveals Nicholas's true identity. A troubled Miss Ellie flees Southfork. A friend urges Laurel to take advantage of Clayton's assets.

Episode 22 - "Crime Story"; Written by Patrick Duffy; Directed by David Paulsen; 3/4/88;
April's mischievous undertaking gets her in trouble with thugs. Nicholas's behavior puzzles Sue Ellen. J.R. influences Cliff to hang on to his Weststar shares. Bobby's business relationship with Kay Lloyd turns pleasurable. An ex-lover pleads with Laurel to return to London.

Episode 23 - "To Have and To Hold"; Written by Larry Hagman; Directed by Leah Markus; 3/11/88;
Thugs pressure April into revealing Nicholas's identity. J.R. prepares to fight Dr. Styles, but Kimberly fears for her father's failing health. Miss Ellie gives Clayton a piece of her mind. Cliff calms his frazzled nerves with drugs. Ray and Jenna deal with Charlie's irresponsibility.

Episode 24 - "Dead Reckoning"; Written by David Paulsen; Directed by Mitchell Wayne Katzman; 3/18/88;
Miss Ellie learns of Clayton and Laurel's tryst. Bobby's romance with Kay blossoms. Ray helps a damsel in distress. Casey meets another of J.R.'s victims---Cliff.

Episode 25 - "Never Say Never"; Written by Cliff Fenneman; Directed by Leonard Katzman; 4/1/88;
Clayton's arrest gives J.R. an opportunity to manipulate Laurel. Kay introduces Bobby to Sen. O'Dell. Kimberly and Dr. Styles appeal to Cliff for help. Ray gets an unexpected visitor. Miss Ellie and Clayton face the prying eyes of Dallas.

Episode 26 - "Last of the Good Guys"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by Arthur Bernard Lewis; 4/8/88;
J.R. finds evidence that could clear Clayton of the murder. Kimberly recruits an unlikely ally in her fight against J.R. Ray dines with Connie.

Episode 27 - "Top Gun"; Written by Michael Preece; Directed by David Paulsen; 4/15/88
J.R. prepares to assume control of Weststar. Sue Ellen learns Nicholas's whereabouts. Clayton learns of J.R.'s sexual blackmail plot. Bobby plays second fiddle to Kay's career. Connie plays a practical joke on Ray.

Episode 28 - "Pillow Talk"; Written by Dwight Adair; Directed by Leah Markus; 4/29/88;
J.R. threatens that Sue Ellen will never see her son again. Miss Ellie comes to a decision over Clayton's involvement at Southfork. Bobby and Kay build a meaningful relationship. Ray tries to shake loose from Connie. Cliff offers his gas line to Wendell.

Episode 29 - "Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork, Again";
Written by Linda Gray; Directed by Mitchell Wayne Katzman; 5/6/88;
Lucy Ewing-Cooper returns to Southfork. Jenna returns to an empty house. Sue Ellen attempts to regain custody of John Ross. J.R. schemes against Wendell.

Episode 30 - "The Fat Lady Singeth"; Written & Directed by Leonard Katzman; 5/13/88;
J.R. wages war against Bobby, Sue Ellen and Nicholas. Lucy meets the calculating Casey Denault. Ray and Jenna make a decision about their future. Cliff learns startling news about Pam.

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