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Episode 305 Spoilers: Angels and Monsters; 10/13/2008
10/12/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Peter's in his mother face and she looks scared.

Peter looks ready to open his mother's skull as Sylar watches.

Peter and Sylar.
[This looks like where the previous episode ended and just prior to the above pics with their mother arriving.]

Sylar and an unnerved Angela Petrelli.
[so where's Peter?]

HRG and Sylar.
[Looks like this takes place not long after the family reunion with Angela, Peter and Sylar.]

Ando and Hiro meet with Daphne and Knox.

Adam is with Hiro in the same bar seen in the above pic.

Looks like the big bartender from the above pic is unhappy with Hiro.
[We're guessing that Adam had a hand in this.]

Hiro laid out after the bartender landed his punch.
[We're guessing that this is where Adam makes his escape.]

Hiro holding a sword on Ando.

HRG reaching out.
[For Claire?]

HRG's pulled his gun on someone.

Sylar and HRG, partners again.

Sylar and HRG confront someone.
[Is Sylar trying to negotiate? Or use his powers?]

Villain Stephen Canfield has grabbed Claire.
[Seems like this is the situation that Sylar and HRG are facing in the above pic.]

Arthur Petrelli lives.
[Based on the promos, Angela really thought her husband was dead.]

Matt's dad is back.
[We thought he was locked up at the Company dealing with his own person demons.]

Matt's dad is paying Arthur Petrelli a visit.
[So Arthur Petrelli is alive, but he looks bedridden here.].

10/11/08: Claire encounters her father and Sylar as they are after Canfield as well. She sees just what her father is capable of while working for the Company. Claire also bonds with (her uncle) Sylar as they fight Canfield. Nathan takes Tracy to meet his mother and more his learned about his ability. Arthur Petrelli turns up and we find out that he's been conspiring with another Hero's father. From Kristin
10/2/08: Armed with H.R.G.'s old files and a taser, Claire attempts to take down her first target -- Stephen Canfield (Andre Royo), a Level 5 escapee with the ability to create black holes -- unaware that others are closing in. Meanwhile, in horror, Peter flees from all the death and destruction in the future, only to grimly discover how deeply the experience has changed him. Frustrated that Adam Monroe didn't get them closer to "the formula," Hiro takes a stab at becoming friends with Daphne (guest star Brea Grant) and new associate Knox (guest star Jaime Hector), much to Ando's dismay. Later, Suresh's urge to correct research errors puts Maya, among others, in a sticky situation. Linderman advises Nathan to stick by Tracy, seeing that they could accomplish great things together. In Africa, Matt sees his vision of "happily ever after" destroyed. From NBC
10/2/08: Added Episode title. From NBC

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