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Episode 307 Spoilers: Eris Quod Sum; 10/27/2008
10/24/08: Elle's powers are out of control and she turns to Claire for help. From Kristin
10/19/08: Elle (Kristen Bell) returns to start a multi-episode story arc. From Ausiello
10/14/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Claire reacts to someone or something.

Elle is cowering in the corner.

Elle and Claire scuffle.

Elle turns to look at someone who she doesn't seem at all surprised to see.

Lyle and Sandra watch.
[Presumably as Elle and Claire fight?]

Lyle throws a bucket of water on Elle.
[We're assuming some sizzling special effects will be added in post-production.]

Claire appears to have Elle (and the situation) under control.
[Perhaps this is just before Elle cowers in the corner?]

Elle looking threatening.
[Just not quite as intimidating without the electriciy crackling.]

Elle turns to look at someone or something.
[Notice the charred laptop on the desk.]

10/11/08: Trapped and terrified, Nathan and Tracy fight for their lives against a much-changed, monstrous Suresh to free themselves, Maya and the doctor's other "test subjects." Elle returns, with a shock for Claire and her family. Meanwhile, aware of Peter's ruthless take down by her rivals at Pinehearst, Angela reaches out to convince Sylar to save his brother. Since he won't sign up with the Villains, Daphne is ordered by her boss to go back and kill Matt -- or be killed herself. While in awe of the African precog's power, Hiro still questions Usutu's advice on how to best face his gathering opponents. From NBC
10/2/08: Added Episode title. From NBC

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