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Season 3 Volume 3 General Spoilers:
12/7/08: Another Petrelli boy (in addition to Peter) will lose his powers. From Kristin
11/22/08: More will be learned about the formula soon From Behind the Eclipse Week 7 CBR Article [We're betting that the Haitian's brother, the Baron, will turn out to have something to do with it.]
11/15/08: Executive Producer Tim Kring indicated that "someone you have come to know will not make it to the end of the season." From Watching Heroes [Unconfirmed rumor is that it could be a fan favorite such as Hiro, although we think Mohinder is a good candidate because of how his character has been totally undermined and all but dead-ended so far this season.]
11/15/08: Molly and Micah do not appear in the remainder of Volume 3 and nor at least the early part of Volume 4. From Kristin
10/29/08: In his efforts to win over Daphne, Parkman will go to Kansas where she is from. He has to convince her father to let him talk to her because of a secret that she's hiding. There's also a scene with Daphne, Parkman and a scarecrow she made as a child. From TV Guide.
10/29/08: Another female Hero/Villain in addition to Maya and this time a blonde will die. From Kristin [We're going out on a limb (for now) and guessing that Kristin is now wrong on this one. In one of the latest Behind the Eclipse weekly chats, it was stated that Daphne was going to die by the end of Volume Three, but that now she's not.]
10/29/08: Maya will die this season. From Kristin
10/29/08: HRG and Sylar come back together toward the end of Volume 3. From Jack Coleman Interview
10/24/08: Elle will appear in thirteen episodes and will get a backstory through flashbacks which ties her to several familiar characters. From SciFi Wire
10/24/08: Hiro's memory is wiped in an episode, so he thinks he's ten and Ando has to keep him out of trouble. From Kristin
10/24/08: There's a new villain named Samedi.
10/24/08: Tracy and Claire have scenes together at some point. From Ali Larter Interview
10/24/08: The mother of Sylar's son Noah (seen in the future) is a Hero. From Kristin
10/19/08: Now that Sylar has been revealed to be a Petrelli, there is apparently one more Petrelli relative to turn up (and that excludes father Arthur). From Kristin
10/19/08: Monica (Dana Davis) is not "in the plans" for Season 3, but the door was left open for the possibility of the character returning at some point. From NY Post Interview
10/19/08: Elle story arc will involve Sylar. Hiro visits a magic shop. From BuddyTV Behind-the-Scenes Video
10/19/08: Elle (Kristen Bell) will have a multi-episode story arc. From Ausiello [We had heard somewhere around five episodes.]
10/17/08: Usutu (the African painter of the future) is set to appear in a nine-episode arc From The Hollywood Reporter Article
10/17/08: Isaac Mendez's father was one of the Company's founders and he was not killed by Adam so he could turn up. From Behind the Eclipse Week 3 CBR Article [This also opens up the possibility of Isaac returning in a flashback.]
10/11/08: Hiro's mother's ability will be revealed by the end of Volume 3. From Behind the Eclipse Week 2 CBR Article
10/14/08: Bob's dead and the prospect of him appearing in any flashbacks or alternate realities any time soon are pretty slim since the actor (Stephen Tobolowski) broke his neck during the hiatus and was virtually immobile for the scenes he did film. From Kristin [Too bad. Bob was our favorite new character from season two. Yes, even more so than Elle and Caitlin because we didn't see enough of Caitlin and Elle was poorly utilitized.]
10/14/08: Nathan's estranged wife as well as his children will appear at some point. From Behind the Eclipse Week 1 CBR Article [We hope so since the way they were written out of season two was one of the biggest missteps in our opinion.]
10/14/08: Updates on some season two regulars: Caitlin will remain lost in the future during season three. West (Claire's boyfriend) will not appear. Monica had some scenes, but they were cut and will turn up as deleted scenes on the DVD. Molly will return for a couple of "unique" appearances. From Behind the Eclipse Week 1 CBR Article
10/14/08: The season is set to be twenty-five episodes with Volume 3 lasting thirteen episodes and Volume 4 covering the remaining episodes. From Behind the Eclipse Week 1 CBR Article

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