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Episode 312 Spoilers: Our Father; 12/8/2008
12/7/08: A promo pic seems to show Sylar about to burn a body, which is labelled as being Niki Sanders. From RexFeatures [We assume it's supposed to be Niki's sister, but if that's the case then it could even be Elle as some have speculated.]
11/22/08: While answering a question about whether Linderman could heal stolen powers, it was indicated that he could heal stolen memories in this episode. From Behind the Eclipse Week 7 CBR Article [Since we already saw him do this in Episode 8, this is an interesting giveaway. Although, it explains how Hiro gets his memory back after Arthur's attack at the end of episode 8.]
11/22/08: Hoping to find a way to stop Arthur, Hiro and Claire band together and travel back in time 16 years to when Kaito gave baby Claire to H.R.G.. Meanwhile, Peter and the Haitian team up to finish off Arthur Petrelli for good but are interrupted by Sylar. Elsewhere, in the lab, Suresh has a major breakthrough with the formula that will likely change everything. From NBC
11/22/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Claire, Hiro and Arthur stand on the top of the Deveaux Building.
[It looks like it might dressed for the trip to the past.]

Sylar, Peter and the Haitian at Pinehurst.

Arthur Petrelli

The Haitian and Peter confront someone. [Likely Arthur.]

Hiro visits with his mother Ishi on his trip to the past.

Hiro and his mother Ishi share a moment.

11/15/08: Sylar will "acquire a unique power" that will help shed some light on what really happened to Sylar when he was a child (in other words, whether Angela really did try to drown baby Gabriel as Arthur said). From Behind the Eclipse Week 6 CBR Article
10/15/08: Two characters go back to the rooftop scene when Hiro's father gave Claire to HRG "and see a little more of what was going on." From Behind the Eclipse Week 2 CBR Article
10/11/08: Added Episode title. From Behind the Eclipse Week 2 CBR Article

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