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Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor

Portrayed by: John Pyper-Ferguson

Appears in:
Season Two

Captain Taylor in Season Two:
Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor is the Pegasus CAG. He flies over to the Galactica with Admiral Cain. While there, he advises Lee that recording kills on the Raptors and Vipers would improve morale and encourage competition. Lee does not agree with that philosophy. Taylor tells him that it is Admiral Cain's philosophy so it will be his philosophy. After Lee and Starbuck are reassigned to the Pegasus, Taylor puts together a photo recon mission to identify the unknown Cylon ship.

Taylor's plan of hiding behind a moon until the Cylons pass by is dismissed by Starbuck as underestimating the Cylons. His response is to take her off the mission. He also assigns Lee to pilot a Raptor with him. As they set out on the mission, he asks Lee why he appears distracted. Lee replies that two of his friends, Helo and Tyrol, have been arrested and accused of murder. Taylor gives a meager reply that he needs to put that out of his mind and concentrate on the recon mission.

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