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Admiral Cain
Admiral Helena Cain

Portrayed by: Michelle Forbes

Appears in:
Season Two
Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Admiral Cain in Season Two:
Admiral Cain commands the Battlestar Pegasus. She saved the Pegasus from being destroyed during the Cylon attack by ordering a blind jump. She had been following a Cylon fleet when they found the Galactica. Commander Adama quietly relinquished command of the fleet to Cain. She is surprised that Adama supports her plan to find out the purpose of a large, unindentified Cylon ship in the fllet following the human fleet.

After reviewing the Galactica's watch logs, she decided that too many mistakes had been made. She reassigned crew to the Pegasus, including Lee and Kara. After an incident results in the death of Lieutenant Thorne, she orders Helo and Tyrol arrested for court martial. She has them brought to her ship where she unilaterally finds them guilty and sentences them to death. Commander Adama wants them to be given a trial before a jury, but she says that as a flag officer, she has broad authority in a time of war. Adama says that he's come to get his men.

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