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Chief Tyrol
Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol

Portrayed by: Aaron Douglas

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Chief Tyrol in the Miniseries:
Chief Tyrol is the senior NCO onboard the Galactica. He is in charge of the Hanger Deck and inspires loyalty in his young Specialists. He reciprocate their loyalty when he nearly goes after Colonel Tigh after the latter orders several bulkheads vented which sacrafices nearly one hundred of Tyrol's crew. Tyrol is also carrying on a relationship with Lieutenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii, which Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh have overlooked because the ship is about to be decommissioned. Tyrol and his deck gang have managed to find Commander Adama's old Viper and restore it in tribute.

Chief Tyrol in Season One:
After the Cylon attack, Colonel Tigh orders the relationship with Lieutenant Valerii stop, but they conintue. Tyrol covers for Boomer when she finds explosive charges in her gear. He suffers a shock when an accident on his hanger deck kills thirteen pilots. After known Cylon, Aaron Doral, infiltrates the Galactica and blows himself up, an investigation and tribunal ensue. His deck gang cover for Tyrol's whereabouts because he was with Boomer. The result is that Specialist Socinus takes the blame for negligence and is locked up in the brig. Tyrol tries to plead his crewman's inhocence with Commander Adama, but Adama turns the situation back on Tyrol. Tyrol learns his lesson and ends his relationship with Boomer.

Later, Tyrol has a couple of strange encounters with Lieutenant Valerii while he is trying to activate the captured Cylon Raider. When a mission is put together to investigate the abandoned planet Kobol, Tyrol brings Socinus out of the brig. However, when they jump to the planet in a Raptor, the Cylons are waiting and shoot the Raptor down. Crashdown is able to land the Raptop, but does not seem to know what to do once they crash. Tyrol quietly makes some suggestions to Crashdown, while worrying after his own men including Specialist Cally and a seriously injured Specialist Socinus.

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