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Aaron Doral
Aaron Doral

Cylon Model: Number Five

Portrayed by: Matthew Bennett

Appears in:

Aaron Doral in the Miniseries:
The Aaron Doral model of humanoid Cylon is first seen aboard the Galactica serving as a civilian PR executive conducting tours of the soon-to-be retired ship. As such, he has access to most parts of the ship. He then departs with Secretary of Education Laura Roslin aboard her liner. After the Cylon attacks leave Roslin to assume the Presidency, Doral appeals to Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama in an attempt to undermine Roslin's new authority.

Back on Galactica, Gaius Baltar's inner Six has tipped him off that a Cylon device has been planted in CIC. However, to explain it, Baltar fakes having a Cylon detector and accuses Doral of being the Cylon. Doral loudly proclaims his innocence right up to being dumped at Ragnar Anchorage. The Cylons then arrive in time to save him from the radiation, but he is unable to report the fleet's destination.


Note: It is unknown if this particular Model Five has been seen again, or perhaps was the model that infiltrated Galactica and blew himself up in Episode 1.06 ("Litmus").

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