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Samuel T. Anders

Portrayed by: Michael Trucco

Appears in:
Season Two
Season Three

Samuel Anders is the captain of the Caprica Buccaneers, a pro pyramid team The team survived the Cylon attack because they were doing high altitude training in the mountains near Delphi. After the attacks, Anders led them in resistance attacks on Cylon armories and weapons depots. He was also able to gather nearly 100 survivors into a cell based at Delphi Union High School. Anders and his cell encounters Helo and Starbuck.

After a stand-off, Helo and Starbuck fall in with his resistance cell. Anders and Starbuck become romantically involved in spite of their different goals: she wants to get back to Galactica, while he wants to continue to fight the Cylons on Caprica. After the resistance cell rescues Starbuck from a Cylon farm, Anders tells her to take the Cylon Heavy Fighter that Boomer has stolen and fly back to Galactica with the Arrow of Apollo and fulfill her mission. He stays behind, intent to destroy the Cylon breeding farms. Starbuck promises to come back for him, giving him her dogtags.

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