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Tom Zarek
Tom Zarek

Portrayed by: Richard Hatch

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Tom Zarek in Season One:
Tom Zarek is a political agitator who spent over twenty years in prison for a terrorist bombing of a government building on Sagittaron. He has gained the support of his fellow prisoners on the prison ship, Astral Queen. When Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama, Aide to the President Billy Keikeya, Dualla and Specialist Cally arrive to request the prisoners' aid in water rocovery on an icy moon, the prisoners stage a break-out. Zarek takes control and demands an election, since President Laura Roslin was not elected. However, Apollo realizes that Zarek actually wants President Roslin and Commander Adama to attack the prison ship and bring about a bloodbath. Things begin to spin out of Zarek's control when his friend Mason attempts to rape Cally. She bites his ear off and he shoots her.

When Zarek and Apollo arrive, Mason is out of control. Apollo blames Zarek, but Zarek blames the government. Apollo manages to grab a gun, shoot Mason and put a gun to Zarek's head. Instead of eliminating Zarek, he gives Zarek his word that there will be elections. Apollo then saves Zarek's life from a sniper's bullet. Apollo leaves the Astral Queen under Zarek's control and Zarek agrees to help in the water recovery.

Using his new workforce, Zarek forges goodwill with the rest of the fleet. The result is that he is chosen as the representative of Sagittaron to the Quorum of Twelve. Once there, he launches another attack on President Roslin by arguing that the fleet needs an Interim Vice President. Roslin chooses Gaius Baltar as her candidate and Zarek is defeated. Following the Quorum of Twelve and the Colonial Day celebration, he makes it clear to Roslin that he intents to run against her the upcoming elections. He also seems to have made some sort of arrangement with Ellen Tigh at this time.

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