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Ellen Tigh
President Laura Roslin

Portrayed by: Kate Vernon

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Ellen Tigh in Season One:
Ellen Tigh is the troublesome wife of Colonel Saul Tigh. The deterioration of their relationship drove him to become an alcoholic. She is reputed to have carried on numerous affairs behind his back. After the fleet's initial escape, Commander Adama has discovered that she is alive. After checking things out, he finally brings her aboard the Galactica. In a matter of hours, she brings joy to Saul, followed by jealousy and anger. She wastes little time in flirting with several men including Captain Lee Adama. President Roslin also takes a quick disliking to her. Ellen claims to have been saved by a mysterious stranger who put her aboard a ship leaving Picon just as the Cylon attacks began. She claims to have been unconscience on the Rising Star for some weeks before Adama found her.

Ellen's questionable and unverifible story leads Commander Adama to suspect that she could be a Cylon. He orders Gaius Baltar to test her. Baltar pronounces her a human, but in a conversation with his inner Six, he is far more ambiguous concerning her test results. The ordered testing also puts Ellen between Adama and Colonel Tigh. She makes it clear that she has her own agenda for herself and her husband. Later, she seems to have made some unknown deal with Tom Zarek during the meeting of the Quorum of Twelve and Colonial Day celebration.

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