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Billy Keikeya
Billy Keikeya

Portrayed by: Paul Campbell

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two

Billy in the Miniseries:
Billy Keikeya visited the Galactica as the aide to Secretary of Education Laura Roslin. While there, he ran into Dualla. As Billy and Roslin returned to Caprica, the Cylons attacked. Roslin becomes President and now Billy becomes aide to the President.

Billy in the Miniseries:
Billy is one of the few who knows that Roslin is suffering from cancer. He has to cover for her when she suffers side effects from the alternative khamalla extract treatment. He puts Dualla in jeopardy when he volunteers her for the mission to the prison ship, Astral Queen. He later pumps Dualla for information during a date concerning Commander William Adama's behavior. Billy stands by the President when Adama sends Colonel Saul Tigh and Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama with orders to arrest her for encouraging Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace's insubordination.

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