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Portrayed by: James Remar

Appears in:
Season Two

Meier in Season Two:
Meier is s a loyal friend of Tom Zarek's for more than twenty years. He is first seen pulling Zarek out of a meeting when President Roslin is speaking. It turns out that an unrecognized craft was closing on their fleet. He encourages Zarek to launch a missile strike on the craft, but Zarek does not make a definitive decision and the craft turned out to be Kara. Later, Meier plots with Zarek for a way to supplant Lee as Roslin's right hand. After Roslin makes it clear that she is intent on going to Kobol, Meier suggests that Lee could be removed and his death could be blamed on the Cylons.

Once on Kobol, Meier pushes Zarek to follow through, but Zarek tells him that they would wait until they found the Tomb of Athena. After Commander Adama joined the party, Meier sees their opportunity for power fading away, so he begains to work to turn Caprica Boomer against Adama. He tells her that Galactica Boomer has been killed by Cally and Adama had only given her thirty days in the brig. This news appears to convince Boomer that she will have to look out for herself and her unborn child.

As they near the tomb, Caprica Boomer and Meier lay out their plan: they will move when the others are distrcted by finding the tomb. Meier gives Boomer a weapon and she tells him that she will take "the father" and he can take "the son." Almost immediately after finding the tomb, Boomer pulls a gun on Commander Adama. When Lee goes to react, Meier pulls a gun on him. Then, after Boomer says that she has no hidden programming and makes her own choices, she turns and shoots Meier. As Meier is dying, he and Tom Zarek share a last moment between two long time friends.

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