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Specialist Cally
Crewman Specialist Cally

Portrayed by: Nicki Clyne

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Specialist Cally in Season One:
Cally is part of Chief Petty Officer Tyrol's deck gang. She, along with Specialist Socinus, are fiercely loyal to Chief Tyrol. Unasked by Tyrol, they cover for him concerning his liaisons with Lieutenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii. After Aaron Doral bombs the Galactica, an investigation is opened to look into Cylon collaborators. Cally and Socinus lie on behalf of the Chief, which ends up in Socinus being locked up in the brig for perjury.

Cally is assigned to a team sent to the Astral Queen to enlist volunteers from the prisoners for water recovery from an icy moon. While the team is there, the prisoners stage a break-out and Cally beomces one of the hostages. She is shot by Mason, one of the prisoners and a friend of Tom Zarek, when she fights off his unwanted advances by biting off his ear. Part of one of the teams sent to investigate Kobol, Cally along with Baltar, Crashdown, Chief Tyrol and a seriously injured Socinus are stranded when their Raptor is shot down by the Cylons.

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