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Gaius Baltar
Gaius Baltar

Portrayed by: James Callis

Appears In:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Gaius Baltar in Season One:
Gaius Baltar is considered one of the Caprica's brilliant minds. His relationship with Six compromises Colonial defenses, which the Cylons exploit in their sneak attack. Just prior to the attack, Six tells him that she is a Cylon and then protects him from the initial blast wave. Baltar escapes the planet when Karl 'Helo' Agathon gives up his place on Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii's Raptor. Baltar ends up on Colonial One with President Laura Roslin. He is soon asked to become her Scientific Advisor. In the meantime, Six has become a part of his subconscience. She tips him off to there being another Cylon onboard the Galactica. He comes up with the idea of a Cylon detector as a cover to blame Aaron Doral.

When Dr. Amarak contacts President Roslin with information about a traitor, Baltar schemes to prevent him from imparting that information. When Commander William Adama presses Baltar about his Cylon detector, Baltar claims (at the urging of Six) that he needs the plutonium from a nuclear warhead in order to carry out mass testing of the fleet's population. Adama gives him the warhead. After a 'crisis of conscience' with Six, Baltar is tested when 'Shelley Godfrey', who is another Six, arrives with proof that he is the traitor that Dr. Amarak had mentioned. When Baltar gives in to God's will, Six returns to his subconscience, Shelley Godfrey disappears and the proof turns out to have been manipulated.

Baltar completes his Cylon detector and the first to be tested at her request is Boomer. Baltar discovers that she is a Cylon, but does not tell her or any one else. He then is called upon to test Colonel Saul Tigh's newly found wife, Ellen. He claims that she is clean, but is ambiguous about Ellen's test in a conversation with Six. When called upon to help plan an attack on a Cylon mining operation, Baltar trusts in God's Will (at the urging of his inner Six) and has a spiritual rebirth when pinpointing the tylium precursor tanks.

Baltar is next chosen as Caprica's representative for the Quorum of Twelve. When Zarek proposes that an Interim Vice President is needed, Baltar becomes President Roslin's nominee, defeating Tom Zarek for the position. His tryst with Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace following Colonial Day comes to an abrupt end when she calls out Lee 'Apollo' Adama's name. This drives Baltar to distraction and isolation. He is stranded on Kobol when the Cylons cripple the Raptor that he is aboard. On Kobol, Six shows him a vision that apparently implies the child of a Human and Cylon is on the way and he is destined to be the guide.

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