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President Laura Roslin
President Laura Roslin

Portrayed by: Mary McDonnell

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Laura Roslin in the Miniseries:
As Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin visits the Galactica as it is about to be decommissioned and become a museum. On her way back to Caprica, when the Cylons attack, she becomes acting President when everyone else in the Cabinet is killed. She gathers the surviving civilians together in a fleet. She is forced to leave some behind on ships that do not have FTL capabilities when the Cylons come for her fleet. She asks Gaius Baltar to be her scientific advisor after he arrives with Lieutenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii. Roslin's fleet joins up with the Galactica and after some conflict of personality, she and Commander Adama come to an agreement: she will handle civilian decision and he will handle military decision. She also admits to her aide, Billy Keikeya, that she has inoperable cancer.

Laura Roslin in Season One:
President Roslin has to deal with Commander Adama exerting his authority claiming military juristiction. She asks Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama to be her military advisor, but that ends when he agrees to Tom Zarek's demand that there be elections. After consulting Dr. Cottle, she begins taking khamalla extract as an alternative treatment for her cancer. This brings on side effects that Billy Keikeya has to cover for with the press. She staves off a challenge by Tom Zarek at the Quorum of Twelve by nominating Gaius Baltar for Interim Vice President. His reputation within the fleet swayed enough votes.

President Roslin also begins having hallucinations or visions as a side effect to the khamalla extract. She has a vision of Leoben Conoy before they encounter him. She then has a vision of twelve snakes, which leads Priest Elosha to believe that Roslin is fulfilling the prophecy of Pythia from the Sacred Scrolls. A third vision concerning an abandoned planet leads her and Elosha to believe that they have found Kobol. After being unsuccessful in convincing Commander Adama to support her plan, she convinces Lieutenant Kara Thrace to take the captured Cylon Raider back to Caprica to obtain the Arrow of Apollo. Once discovered, Adama sends Colonel Saul Tigh and Captain Adama to arrest her. Captain Adama turns on Colonel Tigh, but then Roslin surrenders and is placed in the Galactica's brig.

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