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Leoben Conoy
Leoben Conoy

Cylon Model: Number Two

Portrayed by: Callum Keith Rennie

Appears in:
Season One: Episode 1.08 - "Flesh and Bone"
Season Two: Episode 2.20 - "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2"
Season Three

Leoben in the Miniseries:
This humanoid Cylon, which goes by the name Leoben Conoy, uses philosophy, theology and half-truths to bring about self-doubt and distraction. The model was first encountered at Ragnar Anchorage.where it was getting sick from the radiation. It was then trapped with Commander William Adama. As they made their way out, Adama realized that he was a Cylon. Adama managed to kill it and the body was brought back to the Galactica for analysis where synthetic compounds were found.

Leoben in Season One:
The model's second appearance was when he was found stowed away on the Gemenon Traveller. This time it claimed to have planted a nuclear device. Being familiar with the model, Commander William Adama wants to terminate it, but President Laura Roslin wants it interrogated for information. Lieutenant Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace carries out an interrogation for eight hours, but gains little information. President Roslin herself then speaks to it. She gives her word that it will be released. It then admits that there was no device, but was rather worried about being too far for its conscienceness to transfer back to the Cylons. It then plants a seed of doubt in President Roslin by telling her that Adama is a Cylon. She then orders it spaced.

Leoben in Season Two:
The model appears shortly after the surrender of New Caprica. It is looking for Kara, which opens the possibility that this was the fleet's Leoben Reborn.

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