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D Anna Biers
Number Threes

Portrayed by: Lucy Lawless

Threes that have appears:
Caprica Three
D'anna Biers (Fleet's Three)
Miscellaneous Threes

For more information on individual Three Models, See:
D'anna Biers (Fleet's Three)
Caprica Three
Miscellaneous Threes

Overview of the Three Model:
Little is known about the Three Model. They appear to be decision-makers, which may position them to be more suited to leadership than the other female models seen thus far.

The following contrasts can be gathered from what has been seen of Threes and other models:
Threes appear to confident and strong, as opposed to the empathic vulnerability seen in Eights.
Threes also appear to feel comfortable dealing with males on an intellectual level even when showing sexual attraction, whereas Sixes quickly fall back on physical seduction.

Miscellaneous Threes:
Appear in:
- Episode 2.08 - "Final Cut"
- Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded"

Back on Caprica, D'anna Biers' (Fleet's Three) report is screened by several models including a Three. It is unclear if this is the same Caprica Three that later interacts with the "heroes." At this same time, several other Threes are seen populating Caprica.

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