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D Anna Biers
Caprica Three

Cylon Model: Number Three

Portrayed by: Lucy Lawless

Appears in:
Season two: Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded" | Episode 2.20 - "LDYB, Part 2"
Season Three

Caprica Three in Season Two:
Caprica Three is there at the rebirth of Baltar's Six (Caprica Six) and then later at the rebirth of Galactica's Eight Reborn (Galactica/Tyrol Sharon Reborn). She tells them that they are known as heroes by the other Cylons for the roles they played before their deaths. Caprica Three asks Caprica Six to help with Galactica's Eight, who insists on calling herself Sharon. After Sharon tells Caprica Six that Baltar is still alive, Caprica Six realizes that Caprica Three is trying to eliminate both of them, because they are looked up to by other Cylons and might a threat to her authority. When the three of them are trapped with the human Anders, Caprica Three offers to kill Caprica Six, who is badly damaged, so she can be reborn into a new body. The other two Cylons actually suspect that she is plotting to have their consciousnesses boxed, so Galactica Eight ends up killing her. They apparently use the thirty-six or so hours before her rebirth to sway the other Cylons.


Note: It is possible, but unclear, that Caprica Three was the Three that earlier screened D'anna Biers' piece (Episode 2.18 - "Final Cut")and discussed the status of the human fleet and Caprica Eight's (Caprica/Helo Sharon) pregnancy. It is also likely that she's the Three who was part of the Cylon party that delivered terms to Baltar on New Caprica and also became involved with him and Baltar's Six (Caprica Six).

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