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Cylon Model: Number Four

Portrayed by: Rick Worthy

Appears in:
Season Two: Episode 2.05 - "The Farm" | Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded"
Season Three

Simon appears to be a doctor. He tells Starbuck that he's with the resistance. He encourages her to bear children, but she rebuffs him. He then operates on her, claiming to repair some internal bleeding. However, she sneaks out and hears him speaking to a Six model about preppring to remove her ovaries. Any doubts as to his true nature are erased after Starbuck encounters a second Simon outside the Cylon "farm" after she had killed the first one. This second Simon model is killed by the resistance, who are moving in to rescue Starbuck.

The Simon model is later seen populating Cylon-occupied Caprica along with Threes, Fives, Sixes and Eights.

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