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Number Eights

Portrayed by: Grace Park

Threes that have appears:
Sharon 'Athena' Agathon (aka Caprica Eight/Helo's Sharon)
Lieutenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii (aka Galactica Eight/Tyrol's Sharon)
Sharon Reborn (Galactica/Tyrol's Sharon Reborn)
Miscellaneous Eights

For more information on individual Eight Models, See:
Caprica Eight (Helo's Sharon)
Galactica Eight (Galactica/Tyrol's Sharon)
Sharon Reborn (Galactica/Tyrol's Sharon Reborn)
Miscellaneous Eights

Overview of the Eight Model:
The Eights have shown themsevles to be emotional and fragile. They seem to be insecure and thus looking for reinforcement to give them confidence.

Miscellaneous Eights:
Appear in:
- Episode 1.11 - "Colonial Day"
- Episode 2.08 - "Final Cut"
- Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded"

In Episode 1.11 ("Colonial Day"),, Helo spots two Eights when he and his Sharon are outside the Cylon base at Delphi. This is when he realized that his Sharon was a Cylon.

In Episode 2.08 ("Final Cut"), an Eight is at the screening of the report by D'anna Biers (Fleet's Three). The Eight reacts with a smile at the glimpse of Caprica Eight (Helo's Sharon) in Galactica's sickbay.

In Episode 2.18 ("Downloaded"), several Eights can be seen populating Cylon-occupied Caprica.

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