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Caprica Eight
Galactica Eight Reborn (Tyrol's Sharon Reborn)

Cylon Model: Number Eight

Portrayed by: Grace Park

Appears in:
Season Two: Episode 2.18 | Episode 2.20
Season Three

Boomer Reborn in Season Two:
Following Galactica Eight's death at the hands of Cally, she was resurrected on Caprica. She didn't "adjust" well at all. Since she had not known that she was a Cylon, she had become attached to being human. After her resurrection, she insisted on being called Sharon and didn't fraternize with the other Cylons. When Baltar's Six Reborn was sent to try and reach out to her, Sharon Reborn lets her know that Baltar is still alive.

Later, the two of them realize that Caprica Three is scheming to have each of the "boxed" in an effort to head off their influential status with the other Cylons. They work together to kill her and know they have less than thirty-six hours to take control. Sharon Reborn has empathy towards humanity.

Apparently, their mutual alliance works out because the Cylons end their occupation of Caprica not long after.

It is likely, but not confirmed that it was Galactica Eight Reborn that joined Baltar's Six Reborn and a Number Five in giving the Cylon terms for peace to President Baltar on New Caprica. Baltar has no choice, but to accept their terms and surrender.

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