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Baltar's Six Reborn (aka Caprica Six)

Cylon Model: Number Six

Portrayed by: Tricia Helfer

Appears in :
Season Two: Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded" | Episode 2.20 - "LDYB, Part 2"
Season Three

Baltar's Six Reborn in Season One:
Following her death in the Cylon attacks on Caprica in which she saved Baltar's life, Baltar's Six was resurrected on Caprica. She has her own inner Baltar, which seems to demonstrate her continued emotional bond to him and probably mental instability. She along with Galactica's Eight Reborn (Galactica/Tyrol Sharon Reborn) are looked up to as heroes by the other Cylons for their roles in the Cylon offensive. She is enlisted by Caprica Three to work with the Eight, who still insists on being called Sharon. It is from her that Six Reborn learns that Baltar is still alive. She also soon realizes that Caprica Three is scheming to remove the two of them, because their notoriety is a threat to her power. Following Anders' bombing, the two take the opportunity to kill Caprica Three.

Known as "Caprica Six" by the other Cylons, Baltar's Six Reborn and Galactica's Eight Reborn (Galactica/Tyrol Sharon Reborn) then apparently use the intervening time before Caprica Three is resurrected to sway Cylon opinion concerning humanity. They plant a Cavil with Kara's rescue team. When they return to Galactica, he brings word that the Cylons have ended the occupation and will leave humanity alone.

After a year of the fleet's settlement on New Caprica, the Cylons arrive. They are led by Baltar's Six Reborn, Galactica's Eight Reborn (Galactica/Tyrol Sharon Reborn) and a Five, who delivers the Cylon terms for peace. President Baltar, who is unnerved by the reappearance of his Six, has little choice but to accept the terms and surrender.

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