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Baltar's Inner Six

Cylon Model: Number Six

Portrayed by: Tricia Helfer

Appears in :
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

After Baltar's Six sacrificed her life and saved Baltar's life, this Six appeared in his consciousness after he escaped Caprica. It is unclear if she is a manifestation of his subconsciousness or is something else entirely. Although, it is possible that she is "real," since she seemed to physically appear as Shelley Godfrey. She has shown knowledge that Baltar would not have had, such as the Cylon device planted in Galactica's CIC and hinted that Lietuenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii would test as a Cylon. Each thing that she has pointed out are things that Baltar could conceivably piece together, but she's never been wrong, unlike some of his own theories.

Baltar's Inner Six repeatedly discusses religion and faith in one God with Baltar. Baltar considers religion of any kind to be a delusion of the weak-minded. However, after a close call where he was almost outed for treason, correctly guessed the central location of the Cylon mining colony, becomes Vice President and survives the crash landing on Kobol, he embraces the idea that he is God's tool, which culminates in a vision on Kobol of being the guardian of a new generation of God's children.

Baltar's backtracks from his newfound faith. He even takes an interest in the damaged physical manifestation of a Six in Gina. This causes a rift in his relationship with his Inner Six. When she returns, she is all business aside from snide comments about Gina.

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