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Number Five
Number Fives

Portrayed by: Matthew Bennett

Fives that have appears:
Caprica Five
Aaron Doral (Fleet's Five)
Miscellaneous Fives

For more information on individual Five Models, See:
Aaron Doral (Fleet's Five)
Caprica Five
Miscellaneous Fives

Overview of the Five Model:
The Fives seem committed to the Cylon plan of eliminating their makers: humanity. Whereas the Sixes has shown pity or some residual remorse for what they have done and the Eights have actually shown empathy for humanity, the Fives have been completely dispassionate. They seem to be the least emotional, and thus coldest of the models seen so far

Miscellaneous Fives:
Appear in:
- Episode 1.06 - "Litmus"
- Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded"
- Episode 2.20 - "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2"

In Episode 1.06 ("Litmus"), a Five is able to infiltrate Galactica and set off a bomb.

In Episode 2.18 ("Downloaded"), several Fives are seen populating Caprica.

In Episode 2.20 - "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2", a Five is the one who actually announces the non-negotiable terms for peace to President Baltar. It is unknown if this Five is the same Caprica Five that was overseeing the Eight-Helo experiment.

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