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Aaron Doral
Caprica Five

Cylon Model: Number Five

Portrayed by: Matthew Bennett

Appears in:
Episode 1.03 - "Bastille Day"
Episode 1.08 - "Flesh and Bone"
Episode 1.09 - "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down"

Caprica Five in Season One:
This Model Five is seen several times coordinating with a Six on Caprica as they oversee the "experiment" of getting Helo to fall in love with an Eight. His fate is unknown after the failure of the experiment because the Eight (Caprica/Helo Sharon) went rogue.


Note: In Episode 2.05 ( "Final Cut") and Episode 2.20 ("Lay Down Your Burdens, Part Two"), a Five is seen as part of leadership screening the report of D'anna Biers (Fleet's Three). Then later on New Caprica, a Five is there when the Cylons give their terms and accept Baltar's surrender. It is possible, but unknown if this is the same Five that was overseeing the "experiment."

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